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How users can contribute to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

The information that follows reflects the many ways that users all over the world can participate in and contribute to the Wiki. Wiki support missionaries get involved in most of these same opportunities.

  • Add links to great sources or well-written articles on the internet.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Add references to pages needing further documentation
  • Edit pages for consistency of format and Manual of Style issues.
  • Participate in ongoing projects to help grow and improve the Wiki.
  • Create a new article on a subject of genealogical knowledge or sources that are not already in the Wiki.
  • Research a topic or location that is not currently in the Wiki and add that content to the Wiki.
  • Add information to an existing article by editing it. Be bold--with caution!
  • This button in any article leads to a list of needed information or projects.

Adopt-A-Wiki Page.png

Adopt a page, then watch for new material or links to add to it, watch over it for broken links or other items that need to be repaired, and help in other relevant ways.

Users can submit information in normal text for another volunteer to add to the Wiki. This is done through the Submit Wiki Content option on the left tool bar, under Give Feedback. That leads to a submission document; the information is posted on a report that support missionaries monitor.

They can also leave comments on an article Talk Page, which will be addressed when the support missionaries patrol Wiki changes.

Meetings for finding ways to help[edit | edit source]

Wiki Community Projects Training

Who attends: Anyone who wants to help add content or to help maintain the wiki. No prior wikitext training necessary.
Day: Wednesdays, except the 5th Wednesday of the month
Time: 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time
Meeting number: Contact Danielle Batson <>
Meeting dates and agenda
Recorded meetings

Lessons especially for contributors[edit | edit source]

For more help with contributing, visit the New Contributors Lessons (coming soon).

Quick Quiz
  • How can users contribute to the Wiki?
A. Add an article
B. Edit an article
C. Adopt a page
D. All of the above
  • Where can users learn more about contributing?
A. Some new contributors lessons
B. Wiki Community Project Meeting
C. All of the above
  • You can only submit information to the Wiki if you can code in wikitext.