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What will this article help me do?[edit | edit source]

This article will teach you how to create a new page by typing text on an existing page. Both pages will exist, but the new page will automatically be linked to the existing article.

Before creating a new page linked from an existing page[edit | edit source]

Creating a new page linked from an existing page can help save time, however, it can also make it possible to create an article that duplicates information in another article. For example, if I want to create a new article about military records in Germany, and I type, "German Military Records," but an existing article is titled, "Military Records in Germany," I may duplicate the latter article because the search will think the words German and Germany are different, and may not locate the other title.

To avoid this, first search for the title of the article you want to create by using the search box on the main page of the FamilySearch Research Wiki or in the navigation bar. This will search for all of the words of the title you want to create throughout the wiki, including the text included in articles rather than the titles only.

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How to create a page linked from an existing page[edit | edit source]

  1. Log in to the FamilySearch Research Wiki site.
  2. Search for the title of the new page you want to create. If it does not exist, continue to step 3. If it already exists, or if a similar article exists, please read, How to edit an existing article.
  3. Navigate to the page where you want to add the link for a new article or page.
  4. Once you have located and opened the article or page where you want to add a link to a new page, click Edit in the navigation bar page options to edit that article or page.
  5. After clicking on Edit, the editing window will open.
  6. Position the cursor where you want to insert a link to the new article, and left click once to keep the cursor in that position on the page.
  7. Type text in the editing article. This text will become a link to the new article. Using your mouse, position your cursor at the beginning of the text you typed on the page, and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor over the text until it is highlighted. 
  8. Release the left mouse button, and position your cursor over the hyperlink icon on the toolbar. It looks like a tiny earth with two chain links in front of it.
  9. Click on the hyperlink icon.
  10. After clicking the hyperlink icon, the "Link" window will open.
  11. At the top of the "Link" window, locate the "Link" box. Here you will type in the name of the article you want to create. NOTE: Consider carefully the title of the article you want to create, and the text you want to appear on the page in the existing article. These may be different. For example, you may want to create an article titled "Jewish Civil Registration records in Berlin, Germany" but the text you want to appear in the existing article may read, "Learn more about Jewish records in Berlin." The text you choose to be visible on the page will become a blue link that users will click on to get additional information. While the title of the article and the words that appear on the page do not need to be the same, the words visible on the page should help users understand what they will find when they click on those words.
  12. Notice that after typing the first three letters of the article title, possible matches will appear in the "Automatic Search Results" box. While this is helpful to see if any similarly titled articles appear in the list, this type of search is not as complete as using the Wiki search box, which also searches for words in the body of the article text.
  13. If a title similar to the one you want to create appears in the "Automatic Search Results" box, you may select it by left-clicking on the title. If the title you want to create does not appear in the "Automatic Search Results" box, continue typing the new article title, paying close attention to capital letters, spelling, and punctuation. Also, include the time period and location in the title when it applies. Once the correct article title appears in the "Link" box, click OK to save the link in the editing window.
  14. The text that you highlighted in step 7 will now be a blue hyperlink in the editing window.
  15. Save your changes by scrolling down using the outside scroll-bar until you locate the Save page button located below the editing window.
  16. After clicking Save page, you will see a red link on the page, leading to the newly titled Wiki article.
  17. To edit the newly created and titled Wiki article, click on the red link. This will open a new, empty editing window where you may type new information. After typing text into the new page, and clicking the Save page button, the link to that page will no longer appear red, but will appear blue. Learn more about authoring and editing pages.

Other Helpful Hints:

  • If the page already exists, the link will be blue.
  • If the page has not yet been created, the link will be red.
  • Click on the red link to create the page and begin adding text.

To create a new page using wikitext:[edit | edit source]

  1. Type double square brackets [[.
  2. Type the name of the new article you want to create immediately after the two square brackets, without leaving a space between the brackets and the first letter of the article title. If you want the text on the page to show the actual article title, skip to step 4. If you want the text on the page to read differently from the actual article title, continue with step 3.
  3. After typing the exact name of the article you want to create, type the pipe symbol |, and then type the text that you want to appear as the link on the page.
  4. Next type double square brackets ]] without leaving a space between the bracket and the last letter of the title or text.
  5. Scroll down and click on the Save page button. The link to the new empty page will be displayed in red underlined text.

Tip: To enter the pipe symbol (|), press Shift + \ (the shift and the backslash keys) at the same time.


[[African American Resources|African American Research]]

The text above will appear as:African American Research even thought the actual title of the article is "African American Resources."

To create a new unlinked page[edit | edit source]

Click here to learn how to create a page not linked from an existing page.