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Purpose of Guided Research?

  • Prioritized Databases: The most comprehensive and complete databases were determined by FamilySearch genealogists for optimized research and are displayed first to the researcher. This is especially helpful in countries where there are multiple databases available on different genealogy websites.
  • Birth, Marriage and Death info: The experience focuses on finding birth, marriage, and death information by locality.
  • Online Databases and Images: Links to both free and subscription genealogy websites are provided for complete coverage of possible databases.
  • What Else You Can Try pages: The What Else You Can Try Wiki pages for each locality provides tips for problem solving if the initial result proves unsuccessful. These pages cover information regarding the lack and loss of records for the locality, substitute records available, and tips for better search results.
  • Easy to Use: Clear and concise presentation helps in navigating the experience and getting to the information you need quickly.

The Guided Research Project is Ongoing

The goal is to complete a Guided Research experience for each country - whether they have records online or not. There are 4 phases:


Countries that have searchable databases with digitized images that would provide a 60% success rate.

List of Countries Completed

  1. States of the United States
  2. Provinces and Territories of Canada
  3. Counties of England
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Denmark
  6. Finland
  7. Ireland
  8. Isle of Man
  9. Italy
  10. Jersey
  11. Mexico
  12. Netherlands
  13. Norway
  14. Scotland
  15. Sweden
  16. Wales


Countries with few searchable databases and browsable digitized images

Countries being worked on:

  • Czechia (Czech Republic)
  • Norway (adding browsable records)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Fiji
  • American Samoa

Phase 3

Countries with only browsable images online

Phase 4

Areas where no online records are available; information will focus on how to locate birth, marriage, and death information from government and archive repositories

How do you find Guided Research?

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