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Introduction[edit | edit source]

"Geneteka" is a database hosted by Polish Genealogical Society website. It is the biggest database concerning Polish genealogy, which contains over 30 milion indexes from many regions of Poland. The database and its indexes are prepared by volunteers. In the past, the main source of indexes were year-end indexes. Now, when milions of records are available online, indexes are created based on records to eliminate errors. Access to "Geneteka" database does not require any login and is available for free.

How to use Geneteka[edit | edit source]

  1. Visit Geneteka website.
  2. Basic tutorial (visual explanation).
  3. Tutorial:
    • Choose the region you are interested in (you can click on map or list).
    • If you know exact parish, you can choose name of that place from list in field parafia [parish]. Next to dates are letters which describes type of records:
      U - births, M - marriages, Z - deaths
    • In field parafia [parish] you can also choose an option "Wszystkie - wszystkie parafie" [all parishes] if you would like to search in that region for all entries with the name you provided. Then type the last name in field Nazwiska [Names]. 
    • In fields "od roku" [from] and "do roku" [to] you can type years to limit results.
    • Choosing an option "pozycji na stronie" you can set a limit of results per page.
    • Click "Wyszukaj" [Search]
    • On result page you will get a table with following columns:

(a) for births and deaths:[edit | edit source]

L.p. Rok Akt Imię Nazwisko Imię ojca Imię matki Nazwisko matki Miejscowość Data Uwagi Dodał
no. year # of record First name Last name Father's first name Mother's first name

Mother's maiden name

Place Date Notes Added by

(b) for marriages:[edit | edit source]

L.p. Rok Akt Imię Nazwisko Naz. Matki Imię Nazwisko Naz. Matki Miejscowość Uwagi Dodał
no. year # of record First name Last name Mother's maiden name First name Last name Mother's maiden name Place Notes Added by

If there is an icon with label SKAN on the end of the row - you can access a scan of that record or access the register with this record by simply clicking on that icon.