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Genealogy, and by association, family history, almost has its own language. There are many terms that are unique to the field and many other more common terms that have specific meanings relating the genealogy. Definitions of some of the terms that may be unfamiliar to some who encounter them are included in the pages referenced below, by the beginning letter of the term.

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The collapsed table below (click on "show") provides information on various terms that those users who are new to genealogy should be aware of when starting their search for their ancestors.  The list of genealogical terms above provides an extensive listing of words and acronyms one may also encounter during your research.

N e w     t o     G e n e a l o g y ?

There is also a listing of the terminology related specifically to the wiki which can be found at Help: Wiki Terminology.  If necessary, there are other useful listings outside this wiki which can be found at: genealogyinc and the University of Delaware Library page.