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Wiser, Zelpha & Scott, Headstone.jpg

Find A Grave is a free website providing access to and an opportunity to input cemetery information to an online database of cemetery records.
It was founded in 1995 by Salt Lake City resident, Jim Tipton. See Wikipedia for more.

  • Genealogy data can be searched for by entering the name of a person to find where that person is buried. It usually gives birth and death dates often accompanied by a picture of the tombstone. It may even include obituaries, names of family members and links to their information in Find A Grave.
  • It is also possible to search for a cemetery by entering the name of a city. When the search is started this way it brings up
First A list of known cemeteries in that town.
And by clicking on the desired cemetery you can access an alphabetical list of tombstone information that has been contributed.