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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Website: Descendants of James Mackey son of William Mackey
For descendants James Mackey who was born 1828 in Indiana and died in Texas.
Facebook: Madden Family Tree
Facebook group is for anyone who is a Madden or are related to Madden Family.
Facebook: Malette/Romain families history group
Facebook group for this family.
Facebook: Manning Family Tree
Facebook for Manning surname, hoping to find out how they are related. Reunion
Marriott John Marriott Historical Society The society is a group of relatives of John Marriott, Sr. (1789 to 1849), christened in Roade, Northamptonshire, England. We also invite friends of the family to participate with us. We were organized in 1996 and officially incorporated June 11, 1998 in State of Utah as a non-profit corporation. By 1997 we had 625 members. Efforts are being made to add over 2,000 photos and documents gathered by the organization to the FamilySearch Family Tree. Volunteers are need to help with this effort.
Facebook Group: Mason Family History
This group is for anyone with the Mason surname in their ancestry.
Wiki Page: Mathia - Matthia Family Organization

Website: Mathia-Matthia Family Organization
Facebook Group: Mathia-Mattthia Family Connections
This family organization includes the Mathia - Matthia surname and numerous other variant spellings. Mathyia, Mathea, Matia, Matyja, Matthiae, or Mathiowna.

Website: Peter Maughn Family Web
For descendants of Peter Maughan and to strengthen our family relationships, forum, message board, Yahoo group, genealogy, photos.
Facebook: Mays Family Genealogy
Facebook group to make family information available and to find others who may be related.
Facebook: McCleese Family Genealogy
Facebook group to help with the genealogy of the following family surname in all of it's variant spellings: McCleese, McClease, McClees, McCleas, McLees, McLeas.
Facebook: McCoig/McCoige Family History Association
Facebook Group created for McCoig/McCoige family members only to help keep updated on reunions, family news, and history.
Facebook: McCormack Family History
Facebook group for the family of Oliver & Ellie McCormack, from Prince Edward Island, CA
Facebook: McGroarty Family & Genealogy
Facebook group created for the extended McGroarty descendants to share stories, photographs, memories, genealogy information, etc.
McKelleb McKelleb & Harman Family Organization
Website: In Search of Hugh McKenna
Website devoted to the research, history, and collaboration of Hugh McKenna family and related.
Website: The McKusick Family Genealogy
Website for the descendants of John and Mary Barker McKusick. It includes, research, stories, pictures.
Facebook: McLain family genealogy
Facebook group for McLain and McLane genealogy
Facebook: McNair & Wimberly Genealogy
Facebook group focused on descendants and family members of Rufus Tannahill & Mariah Wimberly McNair in North Carolina, USA
Facebook: Meshell Family Genealogy
Facebook group was created for those researching the Meshell family line
Metoyer Facebook: Descendants of Claude Thomas Pierre Métoyer & Marie Therese Coincoin
A group for all who can trace their heritage back to Claude Metoyer and Marie Therese Coincoin from Natchitoches/Melrose/Cane River, Louisiana.
Facebook Group: Family History: From Washington County, New York, to Minnesota
The purpose of this group is to seek contact with Mitchell and Fraser relatives New York, Ireland.
Facebook Group: Mitchell Family
A closed group for all who can trace their heritage back to Claude Metoyer and Marie Therese Coincoin from Natchitoches/Melrose/Cane River, Louisiana.
Facebook Group: Mitchell Family Arkansas
For the family and extended family of William Jonathan and Mary Tennie Mitchell.
Montgomery - Lawler - Rooks Facebook Group: Family Tree Montgomery - Lawler - Rooks
Family tree for the Montgomery/Lawler/Rooks family
Website: Morgan Family Pioneer Heritage
Website is for a comprehensive record of the first three generations of Thomas Morgan's families in America.
Facebook: Morris Family Genealogy
Facebook Group for descendants of Lutheran Morris (1739-1839) south western Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.
Website: The Morse Society
Website for families named Morse, Mors, Moss and variant spellings to help with research. DNA project.
Facebook: The Morse Society
Facebook page a social media outlet for the society.
Facebook: Moss Family
Facebook group for the Moss Family.
Facebook: Mould and associated families Family history
Facebook group for Mould family formerly of Jubiliee Drive Liverpool 7.
Facebook: MOUNTS-Wilson-Cline Family Genealogy
Facebook group for those with the Lineage from Sarah Mounts & James Wilson OR David Mounts & Margaret 'Peggy' Cline. To help with research.
Website: The Muench Family Association
International Family association that focuses on descendants of Friedrich Muench and George Muench but accepts others. Publication of a book. Genealogy, DNA, Genealogy for kids, and history.
Website: Multer Genealogy
Website for descendants of Max Multer. Other information also.
Facebook: Munselle Family Genealogy
Facebook group for the purpose of news, photos and events for any branch of the Munsell(e) family. Reunions.
Website: A Family Organization for the descendants of Joseph Stacy Murdock
Website shares information about this family with each other