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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Facebook: Lafaye and Hardy family descendants
The group Lafaye and Hardy family descendants is for those who descend from Antoine Lafaye and his wife Ann Elisabeth St. Pastou, who emigrated from Castillon, France to New Orleans, Louisiana: 
Facebook: Global Labay Family Tree
Their purpose is to simply aid in tracing, connecting, and identifying how they are related to each other, by communication and sharing for the purpose of uniting future generations.
Website: The Australian Langley Family Association
This Association is open to any descendants of David Langley who arrived in Australia on the Rolla on May 12, 1803.
Website: Langley One-Name Study
This study is to collect and share information about the Langleys of Northamptonshire, England and adjacent counties. They have a DNA study also.
Website: Langley Family Association
They have a group focus of creating a multi generational group dedicated to finding descendants as well as continuing the search for William's ancestors
Facebook: Langley Family -- Descendants of William Langley and Nancy Carrier
Their purpose is to work together and share Family History and bring the descendants of William Langley and Nancy Carrier back together.
Facebook: Lanier Family Genealogy
The group is for sharing information about the genealogy of the descendants of Nicolas Lanier (abt 1544-1611) and Lucretia Bassano (abt 1556-1634).
Facebook: Larsen and Beyond Family Tree
Group is only for the completing a Family Tree. Only relatives are allowed to join and may post information about the family. This includes (but is not limited to) the Larsens, Hardens, Acamos, Mutterspaughs, Cartwrights, Montagnas, Banners...
Website: Oluf Christian Larsen
For the descendants of Oluf Christian Larsen to connect, learn his history, and genealogy.
Facebook: Descendants of Oluf Christian Larsen
Purpose is sharing family stories.
Website: Our Family Histories
Website for here descendants of the Boulter, Larson, Shook, and Webster families can collaborate and share genealogy information as well as media, stories, documents.
Website: Lay Family Genealogical Association
Facebook: Lay Family Genealogical Association
The website and Facebook group are related and dedicated to the researching of the Lay family heritage, including Lay, Ley, Lea, Leigh, Laye, Leh, etc surnames.
Facebook: Layden family Genealogy
Purpose for the Layden’s to share stories and information about our ancestors and present family.
Leaton - Flannery
Facebook: Leaton/Flannery Family History Group
For those interested in the history about AL (William) Leaton (Flannery) and Liva Swango's ancestors.
Leavitt Website: Western Association of Leavitt Families
For descendants of Leavitt Ancestors, includes forums, collaboration, encourages family binding and sharing histories.
Website: National Association of Leavitt Families INC
The stated objective is to promote acquaintances and good fellowship among the living descendants of Leavitt immigrants to New England. They have publications, reunions, historical projects, newsletters and more.<br
Lee Websites: John D. Lee Family Organization and John D. Lee Family Association
These organizations offer biographies, photos, news, archives, newsletters, and a DNA project to identify the Lee ancestry.
Leslie Website: Clan Leslie Society of Australia and New Zealand
Facebook: Lester/Family/History, Etc.
Group for the sharing of historical information of a Lester family and other allied families.
Purpose is to continue the genealogical research started by Charles Libby in 1879 into the extended family of John Libby who was born in England in 1602, and came to America around 1636
Website: Locke Family Association, Inc.
A family organization with emphasis on keeping Locke descendants connected as well as traditional genealogical pursuit.
Website: Lowe Family Page
Descendants of Richard Lowe. Reunions, Family sharing, stories, pictures.
Facebook: Lowe Family Reunion
Social media meeting place for Lowe family
Website: Lowe Family Descendants
The Lowe family from England to America.
Lyon(s) Website: Lyon(s) Families Association
Established over 60 years ago. They maintain a database of over 130,000 names, manage a Lyon(s) DNA project, and maintain a quarterly publication, "The Lyon's Tale" dating from 1951 to the present.
Facebook group
Lyon(s) Families Association
This group serves as a forum for researchers of the LYON and LYONS names (and associated spellings such as LIGON, LINE(S), LION(S), LYANS, LYENS, LYNE(S), LYGON, LYN, LYND, LYNG, RYON, VAN DER LYNE, & VON LOEWE)