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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Facebook: Hagerman and Extended Family Genealogy
Facebook group to assist those researching Haggerman and extended family]
Website: Haines Family Association, Inc.
Formed to Research, collect, preserve and publish the history of the Haines Family
Website: Hale Family Organization
The Hale organization works to collect, preserve family history of Jonathan Harriman Hale descendants and ancestors
Website: The Hallman Family Association, in 1908, Howard Hallman, a fifth-generation descendant of Anthony Hallman worked with others to form this Association to keep future generations from losing contact. That continues to be their primary directive.
Hamblin Facebook Public Group for the Descendants of Jacob Hamblin, "who was instrumental in the settling of various Indian tribes in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico etc. Jacob worked with President Brigham Young and served the Church in many different capacities throughout his life."
Facebook: Haney Family Association
Facebook page that gives information to Association members. For all Haney related surnames, they have a genealogist who helps, messaging on FB.
Website: The Hanks Place
The website is a Wiki for genealogical research about Ephraim Knowlton Hanks, descendants, and ancestors
Facebook Closed group: Descendants of Ephraim Knowlton Hanks
group for discussion and collaboration.
Facebook Group:Hanslo Family History
This group is researching the Hanslo surname, specifically the South African clans. The first Hanslo family was possibly of Flemish origins, coming from Belgium.
Facebook: Hannie Jones Family
Facebook group for Jones family and planning reunions
Facebook: Harb Family Association
A Facebook page for the Association for social interaction purposes.
Website: The Harbert Family
Facebook: Descendants of Thomas Harbert, Sr.
They have a DNA project, share pictures, stories, collaborate with research.
Website: The Harper Family
Jacob Harper Chapter for the Harper Family of Pendleton,Randolph,andTucker Counties, West Virginia
Website: Nathan Harris Family
Organization for the family of Nathan Harris (1758-1835) and Rhoda Lapham (1759-1849)
Facebook: Hartley Family Tree Genealogy
Facebook group for the surname HARTLEY, the Origins of the surname HARTLEY, the History of the name, and DNA Project, as well as research help.
Website: Haskell Family Association
Books, News, Reunions, Genealogy
Website: Hatcher Family Association
The Association assists and collects Hatcher surname research, DNA,and sourcing.
Facebook: HATCHER descendants of William the Immigrant
A place to meet and share genealogy, photos, and chat.
Hathaway Website Hathaway Family Association Goal is to reserve family history, newsletter, collaborative research, publications
Website: Hawes Family Association Reunions, newsletters, collaboration, database
Website: Adam Hawkes Family Association
The Association is focused on the the genealogy of Adam Hawkes, 1605-1672, Sagus MA.; John Hawks, Hadley, MA.; Matthew Hawke, Hingham, MA, and their descendents in America and research<br?
Facebook: Hawkins Family Tree
Facebook group focused primarily for descendents of John Clements Hawkins and Julia Elizabeth Taylor Hawkins.
Website: Hawkins Worldwide DNA Project
Website for pulling all who are Hawkins to join the DNA project, they also have a Blog which handles the genealogy
Facebook: Hawkins Family Tree
Facebook page for the social side of the project. Meeting place for sharing information and research.
Facebook: Hawkins Family Tribute Page
Facebook page that is for sharing tributes to Hawkins ancestors and family.
Website: Hayes Family Genealogy
The website has genealogy, interactive ability, and a blog
Facebook: Hayes Family Genealogy
Facebook page for giving information, updating, a waypoint to website
Facebook: John and Jane Hayes Family Organization
Facebook page to encourage members to do genealogy, share information and work together
Website: Healy Clan Organization
They consider all variations a part of our universal family. Healy, Healey, Haley, Haly, Hely, Heely, Heeley, etc. Also are links to Family Websites, encourages collaboration of research, networking with other families, sharing, forum/messageboard, and DNA project.
Facebook: Hedgecoth/Hedgcoth Family History Group
Facebook group for collaborating research and connecting descendants
Facebook: Hedley / Headley Family Genealogy
Facebook group for collaborating, connecting, and sharing family history
Heiner Website: Martin Heiner Family Organization
Provides access to files such as people, histories,genealogy and documentation, forums, collaboration.
Facebook:Martin Heiner Family
closed group for discussions, Association announcements.
Website: The Henckel Family Association
Association focuses on the descendants and collaboration of the ancestors and history of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel and his wife Maria Elizabeth Dentzer Henckell. However, includes spellings (Henckel, Henkel, Hinkle, Henkle, etc). Reunions,newsletters, publications
Website: Henry Hendricks Family Organization
Website has publication, archives, DNA project, reunion information, and contacts
Facebook: Henry Hendricks Family Organization
Facebook page for sharing, updating, and making contacts
Website: Hendricks and Hendrickson Dutch Heritage Association
Events, research, and collaboration
Facebook: Henry Family Genealogy Wv. Ohio
Facebook group for connecting Henry families from West Virginia and Ohio
Website: Herrick Family Association
Website is for assisting individuals researching the surname Herrick to have access to previous research, correct previous errors, and to conduct research. They have a newsletter, and DNA project.
Facebook:Herrick Family Associaton
Facebook page for connecting and a waypoint to their website.
Website: Abraham Heslington Family Organization (AHFO)
For Heslington family descendants and relatives worldwide They offer research help through the study of genealogical and historical records, data, materials and other information.Preserving history and stories appropriately.
Website: The Higdon Family Association
Association has newsletters, publications, reunions, annual meetings. Genealogy and history are on the site.
Facebook: Elizabeth M. Higdon/Jones/Wilt Family Tree page
Facebook group for the Wilt family descencants for research, sharing and more. Family of Albert Elmer Wilt and Isabella Taylor
Website: Hildreth Family Association
For descendants of both Richard1 Hildreth of Cambridge and Chelmsford, MA and Thomas1 Hildreth of Long Island, New York. Reunions, Genealogy Data Base, Collaboration, DNA Project, Newsletters, and Forum for communication.
Facebook: Hine Family Genealogy Group
Facebook group for sharing anything regarding the Hine family. Genealogy, photos, stories, etc.
Website: The Hinshaw Family Association
DNA, International, Reunions
Hodge - Hodges
Website: Hodges-Hodge Society
Society formed in 2006 for collaboration of genealogy, DNA, Reunions, database, message boards, and social media sites.
Facebook: Hodges-Hodge Society
Facebook page for the Society to expand their resources to include families from around the world, through DNA and interlocking family trees.
Facebook: Hodges
Facebook SubGroup of the website for descendants of James Hodges, b 1720 Brunswick County VA, d 1787 Newberry, SC.
The Hofer family organization existed at one time. The ancestor of focus for the organization was Jacob Traugott Hofer, 1853–1937, Family Tree: KWJN-4F4. Current details about the organization are unknown.
Website: Holbrook Family Organization
Their main focus in on the ancestors and descendants of Moses Holbrook
Website: Holcombe Family Genealogy
Family Genealogists collaborating, sharing prior work, links to other works.
Holladay - Halliday - Halladay
Facebook: Holladay Family Genealogy (Holliday, Halliday, or Halladay)
Facebook group for those with the surname Holladay and all variants of that name.
Facebook: Homrighausen Genealogy Network
A group to help researchers of the Homrighausen name.
Website: The Pilgrim John Howland Society
Lineage society for descendants of John Howland. Newsletter, meetings, museum, genealogy
Facebook: Pilgrim John Howland Society
Facebook page for the society to reach new member and share information.
Website: The Hull Family Association
The Hull Family Association is focused on Hull genealogy and history in the United States. They have a DNA study, publication, reunion, queries and a newsletter.
Facebook: Humble Family Genealogy and Present Family
Facebook group for descendants of James and Mary Cross Humble of Kentucky and Ohio.
Website: The Hungerford Family Foundation, Inc. (THFFI)
The Foundation is trying to connect all living Hungerfords (especially those who are descended from Hungerfords but do not have the Hungerford surname) to their Hungerford ancestors.
Facebook group: The Hungerford Family Foundation Inc.
Twitter acct: Hungerford Family Foundation.
Website: Hunnington
Family genealogy, recipes, discussions, and pictures
Website: Huntington Family Association Association shall be to accurately establish, record and perpetuate information concerning the lineage and history of the Huntington Family in America, and to disseminate this information among its members. Newsletters, genealogy project