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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

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The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Surname Links & Description
Website: J.W.Gailey Family History
This organization is preserving the history of the John William "J.W." Gailey family who lived north, central, and west Texas
Facebook: J.W. Gailey Family
Facebook groups for the descendants of J.W. Gailey family to meet and discuss
Gagnon and Belzile
Association des Familles Gagnon and Belzile Families Association)(French/English)
Researchers for Pierre, Jean and Mathurin Gagnon descendants
Facebook: Genealogy Gamero Family
Facebook page for sharing research, pictures
Website: Genealogy Garant Family
The Garant, Garand and Garrand families in Quebec and elsewhere
Facebook: Garlett Family tree
A Facebook group for researchers of the Garlett family; research, pictures, discussions
Facebook: Gattshall Family Genealogy
Facebook group for Gattshall family to share and collect genealogy
Facebook: The Gayness Tree
Facebook group for the Gayness family
Website: GeeNealogy
Website dedicated to the research and saving of Gee family history
Facebook: Gee Family Genealogy

Facebook page for the researchers of Gee Surname to ask questions and communicate

Facebook: Gentry Family Genealogy
Facebook group for researcher of the Gentry surname
Facebook: Hoosieroons: Genealogy of Rooney, Carter, Bott, Gilmore related families
Facebook group that encourages family chat and family history with the following surnames (not inclusive): Rooney, Carter, Bott, Gilmore
Website: Gathering the Givens
Genealogy of "Lud" Givens database and blog
Facebook: Givens Family of Baldwin County, Alabama and NWFL
Facebook group for the family of Givens from South East United States.
Website: Gobel Family Association
Participates in a "one name" study and primary focus is the descendants of Thomas Goble 1590/91 England. Newsletters, reunions, DNA, books searchable genealogy databases includes names: Goble, Gobble, Gable, Gabel, Gobel, Goebel, Gobeil and Gobeille (and other spellings) and ancestry from America, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland and South Africa
Facebook: Gobel Genealogy
Facebook group social outlet for the association for conversation between the members.
Facebook: Gomez Family Tree
Facebook group for Gomez researchers
Facebook: Goodemote Family History Group
Facebook group for people with the last names Goodemote, Goodermote, Goodremote, Goodamote, Goodamoot, Gudimot Goodemot in the United States.
Website: Goodwin Family Organization
The volunteers on the website promote sharing, and supports research of family history and genealogy for Goodwin(S) and related families of past, present, and future throughout the world. They may have reunions.
Facebook: Graf Family Genealogy
Facebook group for sharing genealogy information regarding the ancestors and descendants of Christian Graf and Caroline Geb. Kruger
Website: Graves Family Association
Non-Profit organization surname of Graves, Greaves, Grave, Grieve, Greve, and all other variations of that name for all time periods, worldwide]
Genealogy organization doing research, collaboration, DNA, newsletters, reunions
Facebook: Graves Family Association
Facebook group the social media outlet for instant communication between the association members
Facebook: Gregory and Associated Family History
Facebook group for the purpose contacting and joining all family members that originated from the Gregory family of Derbyshire, UK. More information on the about in the group
Facebook: Griess Family Genealogy
Facebook group for descendants of Johann Heinrich Griess or Johann Nicolaus Ochsner interested in doing genealogy
Griffith (or Griffiths)
Facebook: The Griffith (or Griffiths) Family Genealogy
The Facebook group is for those doing Genealogy (or Family History) Group for the surname Griffith or Griffiths
Facebook Page: Grinnell Family Association of America
Website: Griswold Family Association
Association to collect, preserve, and disseminate genealogical and historic facts relating to the origin and growth of the Griswold family in America, DNA project, newsletters, publications, and reunions
Facebook: Griswold Family Association
Facebook group for the social media outreach and conversations between researchers
Grover Facebook: Family and Descendants of Mormon Pioneer Thomas Grover
Purpose is providing a place where documents and histories of Thomas and his families can be collected and shared.
Website: Henry Grow Family
Organization for the descendants of the Henry Grow Jr., research, newsletter, reunions
Facebook: GUTSCHLAG Family History Group
Facebook group to locate and work with descendants of the three Gutschlag brothers who made their way to New Zealand 130 and 140 years ago
Website: Gwatkin One-Name Study
Purpose of the website it to provide information about those with the surname Gwatkin, Gwatkins, Gwatking, and Gwatkyns, and information about those connected to through marriage, adoption, or other significant relationships