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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Website: Clan Farquharson; USA
Organization in which to join with others who take pride in Clan Farquharson and preserve and honor the Farquharson's distinguished heritage.
Facebook Group: Clan Farquharson USA
To enable conversation with the members of the organization.
Website: Winslow Farr Sr. & Organization
For descendants of Winslow and Olive Freeman Farr Sr. Genealogy, collaboration, and DNA project
Facebook: Faulkner Surname Researchers Group
A Facebook group for anyone researching the surname Faulkner and it's variations
Faust - Foust
Facebook Group: Faust - Foust Family History Association - Genealogy & Fun
A Facebook group for place for all Faust cousins to connect and re-connect, stay in touch, share stories, photos, family history
Faust - Foust
Facebook Group: Faust-Foust Family Genealogy
Facebook group for sharing family history and photos. A picture shows a Baltzar Faust 1794
Featherstone Wiki Page: Featherstone Society
Website: Feathersone Society
This is a One-Name Study
Website: Felton Family Association
The association collects, preserves, and collaborates on genealogical information about the Feltons of Northern England, Massachusetts, the Carolinas, and possibly a Felton who migrated from England to Germany in the 1500s.
Facebook: Felton Family Association
A Facebook Page which has a link to the Association's website. You can message them.
Ferree Website: Our Ferree Family. The Ferree Family history traces back to the 13th century. The Ferrees enjoyed the titles and privileges reserved for the nobility "of knightly origin" and can be considered one of the oldest families of lower Normandy. The web site has a number of links to Ferree reunion, biographies, etc.
Website: Finch Family Genealogy
Webpage has lineage/ancestry, photos, and familyhistory
Facebook Page: Finch Family Genealogy
The Facebook page is for discussions about the Finch Family that came to America in 1630
Webpage: The Fisk/e Family Association
Association was formed by those researching various Fisk and Fiske family lines. They are dedicated to the research and preservation of Fisk and Fiske history and genealogy. They also have a newsletter.
Webpage: Fitch Family History
History of the Fitch Family UK, Archives, DNA project
Flesher - Fleischer
Website: Flesher Family Redwood
Genealogy, newsletter, and reunions are a focus of the website
Website: Folsom Family Association of America, Inc
Family Organization for any person related to or having the surname Folsom
Website: The Foote Family Association
Descendants of Nathaniel Foote and research assistance offered. Some history and maps and photos are available.
Facebook: Foote Family
Facebook group for the Foote Family
Facebook: Foote Family Genealogy
Facebook group for those researching the Foote surname.
Foote Family (and extensions) Genealogy
Facebook group started by an individual for for all members related to her directly and in the same line.
Facebook: Fortenberry Family (Genealogy)
Researchers for James Leath Fortenberry
Association des Familles Fortier Families Association)(French)
Researchers for Antoine Fortin and Marie-Madeleine Cadieu descendants
Website: The Foulke Family Association
Descendant of Edward and Eleanor Foulke or a spouse of a descendant is automatically a member of the family association, newsletters. a Facebook group. Not recently used.
Website: Association of Fournier families/ L'Association des Fournier d'Amerique
The association is based in Quebec, but open to other in other counties. The website is in both French and English. They have a database, newsletters, activities, and social media for communication.
Facebook: L'Association des Fournier d'Amérique
Site includes the Frank, Haderlie, Astle, and Hepworth families. Genealogies, books, collaboration.
Website: French Family Association
Association reaches out to French Surname worldwide, DNA, preserve records, collaborate in scholarly research.
Website: Heinrich Frey Family Association
Purpose is to encourage and help with research into the genealogy of Heinrich Frey in the USA. They have a newsletter and reunions
group for the association to work together
Friend The Friend Family Association of America was "started over 30 years ago by Colonel Lester Friend with the purpose to collect, record, preserve, and share the historical and genealogical history of all family groups and to strengthen family relationships, and to deepen appreciation for those who came before us and the values they cherished."
Fulbright website Fulbright Family Association Facebook [1]
Website: Peter Fullmer Family
Website for the Peter Fullmer Family Organization containing genealogy and organization
Facebook: Peter Fullmer Family Organization
Facebook group providing social media interaction for members
Website: Fulton - Locke Family History
The website is for the Fulton, Locke, Volkert, and Stengel Families.