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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Webpage: The Eddy Family Association
Genealogical data base, Reunions, DNA project
Webpage: Edens Family Association
Genealogy database, reunions, news, and collaboration
Website: Major Howard Egan Family Association
Their main goal is to organize and conduct genealogical research on the ancestors and descendants of Major Howard Egan. Membership, reunions, education, and publications.

Facebook: Major Howard Egan
Facebook page for sharing about the association.

Website: Eller Family Association
Worldwide effort to reach all Ellers and allied family lines into a cooperative effort. Genealogy, Relationships, active website, newsletters, publications, books, collaboration.
Facebook: Eller Family Association
Facebook page for advertising Association and activities and members and seekers to post.
Facebook Group: Elmore Family History Group
For researchers of the Elmore Family Tree - Genealogy
Facebook Group: Elswick Family of Kentucky and West Virginia Genealogy
Facebook group for researchers of the Elswick Surname and descendants
Website: Entwistle Family History Association
Genealogy, files, history
Facebook Page: Entwistle Family History Association
The association shares updates and waypoints for members
Facebook Group: Esteps and extended familys of Southern West Virginia Family Tree Group
Facebook Group for anyone who is an Estep from Southern WV or the surrounding area, and spouses]
Facebook Page: Everett(e) Family
Facebook Page for connecting with those researching all branches of the Everett(e) family
Website: Clan Ewing
Informal association of Ewing clansfolk and friends open to everyone with an interest in the clan The forum is one of the facilator's methods of communication. They participate in the DNA project with the United States and have an Association Newsletter.
Facebook Group:Clan Ewing
Group is the second method of communication with the Association members.
Website: Ewing Family Association
Genealogy, Research, DNA project.