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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Daingle - Daigle
Website: Daingle Association de la Famille Daigle
Interest in Daigle/Daigre genealogy and a DNA project.
Website: Daltons Genealogical Society
Dalton Surname society they have a monthly newsletter 'Daltons in History' and a DNA project
Dameron - Damron
Website: Dameron-Damron Family Association
Focuses on the descendants of Lawrence and Dorothy Dameron. The Association's purpose is to researh the history and ancestry of this family. A newsletter is published twice a year, and a DNA project
Facebook: Damron Family Genealogy
Facebook group for members of the family of Bona Damron and Minnie McCown Damron
Facebook: Daniel's Family Tree
Facebook page for the Daniels family from Pathfork Kentucky
Website: Dare Family Association
Dare Family Genealogy and DNA project
Facebook: Dare Family Researchers
Social extension of Website for discussion
Website: Dastrup Family Genealogy
Hans Lorentz Dastrup from Denmark and his wife's family lines
Website: Davis Family Association or DFA
Descendants of Samuel and Jane Cook Davis, lineage must be proven.
Facebook: Day Family History
A Facebook group for descendants of Jessie and Lela Abernathy Day
Facebook: Day Family Tree - Descendants of Albert P Day
Facebook group for descendants of Albert P Day and Sarah H Maycock
Website: Deans of Dorchester Family Association Online
Deane/Dean genealogy traced down from William Gilbert Dean of Dorchester, Dorset England. 7 main branches are known to come from this bloodline. Anyone from one of the lines is welcome to join, no fees, research collaboration
Website:Decker Family Association
For descendents of Jan Broersen Decker, reunions, news, genealogy, stories, photos, collaboration, social media.
Facebook: Decker Journey
Page for sharing information, networking, and pictures for the Decker Family Association
Website: Delafield Family Association
John Delafield of New York and Ann Hallett are featured. Genealogy and lineage are part of their association.
Website: The Delano Kindred
Researching and collaboration for genealogy of common ancestor, Philippe de Lanoy
Website: Delvee Family Association
The association is for the descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva
Website: Dement Family Tree
A result of a family reunion the group has created the website by and for the descendants of Edward Harvey Dement and Mary Ann English
Facebook Group: Dement Family Association (Official Site) est 1986
National Reunion is July 2019 Murfreesboro, TN
Facebook Group: Denn Genealogy
For descendants of Nicholas Denn (b. 1845,) of Albany, NY
Website: Deyo Family Association
They have and extensive genealogy and history of the Deyo Family In America and adding.
Website: Dickerman Famiy
Ephasizes the descendants of Thomas Dickerman with stories, genealogy, and a published book.
Website: Dickinson and Krampe Families
Includes history and research for both the Dickinson and Krampe families.
Website: Dillard Family Association
Original Database put together by Dorothy Dillard Hughes and putting together a comprehensive Dillard database
Website: Dillman Family Association
They include the Dillman surname, or one of its many variations (Dillmann, Stillman, Tillman, Dielman, Dieleman, Dhyllmann, Dihlmann, Dilllaman and Tighlman). They also have a newsletter and a DNA project
Divelley - Dively
Facebook Group: Diveley/Dively family genealogy
For descendanted from Jacob Dively (1734-1790) who came to America in 1770 from Stuttgart, Germany and settled in Hagerstown Maryland

Website: The History of the Diveley Dively family
Family trees on this site and sharing

Facebook Group: "Dizon family history group"
Facebok group for the Dizon Family to share
Facebook Group: The Dludlu Family Tree
Facebook group for the Dludlu family
Website: The Doane Family Association of America, Inc
For surnames Doane, Doan, Done, Donne, or variations, their spouses and descendants. They have area chapters and a DNA project
Facebook: Doane Family Association of America, Inc. Oregon, Washington, Idaho Chapter
Facebook page for one of the chapters
Facebook Group: Dobson Family History Group
Group for descendants of Richard Dobson (ca 1680 to 1735) and Margaret Watson (1681 to 1724) of Redcar, Yorkshire, England
Website: The Dodge Family Association
The Dodge Family Association is for all Dodge researchers. DNA project
Website: The Doig Family Society
Includes descendants of the Dog family of Kilmadock Parish, Perthshire, Scotland including Doig, Doige, Doigg, Doeg, and Doeggowell surnames. They gave a DNA project
Donell / Donnell
Facebook Group: Donell / Donnell Family History
Family pictures, events, discussions
Facebook Group: DONOR FamilyTree
For discussions and family history
Website: Doolittles of America, Inc.
Specifically for descendant of Abraham Doolittle of Wallingford, CT.. Their purpose is to preserve Doolittle family heritage by collecting family history and sharing this history with family members. They have officer elections, Reunions, research instructions, genealogy and more.
Facebook Group: Dudley Genealogy
Facebook group for sharing Dudley genealogy
Facebook Group: Dreimüller Genealogy
Facebook group for anyone who can trace their ancestry back to a surname of Dreimüller, Dreymüller, Dreymüllen, Treymüller, Treymüllen, Dreimiller, Dreymiller, or Drymiller