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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Facebook: The Cadiz Family Genealogy Project
This group is for all Cadizes in the Philippines, with the purpose of connecting, sharing, and growing a family genealogy
Facebook: Caissie Family of Acadia History & Genealogy
For members and descendants of the Acadian Caissie family. Includes suname variations of Caisey, Caisse, Caissie, Caissy, Caisey, Caissey, Casey, Quessy,(primarily in southern LA) and Roger and Rogers
Website: Caldwell family of County Antrim 'Our Family History'
Emphasizes descendants of Robert Caldwell from County Antrim in Northern Ireland.DNA project, sources, collaboration
Facebook: Calfee Family History
Group working on Calfee Family History together.
Calkins Facebook: Calkins Family Association
Association's primary focus is Hugh and Ann Calkins.research collaboration, reunions, their original website went down with Rootsweb they work out of FB for now.
Facebook: Anson Bowen Call Family
Facebook page for Anson Bowen Call's descendants
Website: Callaway Family Association
The association is international genealogy association for the Callaway Family and associated lines. Has a DNA project
Facebook: Calzonetti Family - Genealogic Tree
The group's purpose is to build a genealogical tree and share pictures, stories, etc
Website: Clan Campbell Society
The society has genealogy from those who have applied for membership. provides an historical perspective of the name, They also respond to queries and have a DNA project
Facebook: The Campbell Family Genealogy
This is a genealogy Group for this Surname. Spelling variations include, Campbell, Cambell, Cambet, Camble and Cammell
Website: The Official George Q. Cannon Family History Collection
Descendants of George Cannon, his wife Ann Quayle
Facebook: Canter Family History Group
Group for sharing stories, pictures, and family history. You have to be related to Canter family
Facebook: Canter & Assoc. families History Group
Group for genealogy for family and friends
Facebook: Capener Family Tree
Group for sharing family tree information back to 18 generations dating back to 1597
Carpenter: Capenter Cousins Project
The Carpenter Cousins Project is the support for genealogy, research and the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA (surname) Project.
It is also part of the Guild of One-Name Studies for the Carpenter (Carpentier & Charpentier) Registered One Name Study.
Carter Website: The John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization. (our web site) is dedicated to linking the living descendants to the ancestral Carter family.
Facebook: John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family The John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization is organized to promote information with and between our extended family members.

Blog -John and Hannah Knight Libby Carter Family Organization is for posting of family data and exploring our heritage.

Website: Casey Family Association
Their primary goal to perpetuate the history and name of the descendants of Abner & Peter Casey, cir. 1700 of County Tyrone, Ireland
Website: Cater-Decatur Family. Website is to assist you in researching your family genealogy. They also are interactive with asking questions, and giving assistance in research
Facebook: William & Pleasant Drake Cazier Family Organization
Page for promoting Cazier family relationships
Website: The Chabot Family Association
Research collaboration, newsletters, publications, histories.
Chadbourn(e) Website: The Chadbourne Family Association
Research collaboration, newsletters, publications, histories.
Website: World Chamberlain Genealogical Society (WCGS)
An international family organization, membership, newsletter, book collection, research helps
Facebook: Chamberlain Family Tree (& branches)
Group is for Chamberlain descendants & extended relatives
Champion Website: Champion Family History
UK family, research materials, media, and a desire to work together.
Website: The Chandler Family Association
For heritage and genealogy of Chandlers and Chandler descendants worldwide.DNA project, newsletters, collaboration.
Facebook: The Chandler Family Association
This group is the social media outreach of the association
Chapman Website: Chapman Family Association
Officially organized in 1994, the association holds an annual convention, provides a Chapman database, genealogical resources, a Chapman DNA research project, publications, and much more.
Facebook: Chapman Family Association
The social outlet for the association.
Chase Facebook: Descendants of Aquila & Thomas Chase
Public group, actively sharing research and family information.
Chenault Website: The Chenault Family National Association
Association is made up of descendants and their spouses and includes those who spell their names Chenault, Chennault, Chernault, Chinault, Shinault, Shinaut, Shinall, and over 40 other variations of the name. Reunions, News, Social Media, Genealogy, Collaboration.
Facebook: Chenault Family National Association
Quick conversation for members
Childers - Childress
Website: Childers-Childress Family Association
Their purpose is to promote research and for gathering and preserving family history
Facebook: Childers-Childress Family Association
This group isthe social mediaoutreach of the association
Website: Christlieb-Chrislip-Crislip Family Association
Reunions, Newsletters, Research, genealogy collaboration, a blog sharing information on family and genealogy information.
Website: Ezra T Clark Family Organization
For descendants of Ezra T. Clark to have access to Clark family histories, and they share information about the Ezra T. Clark Family Organization, family reunions, and other activities.
Facebook Page: Ezra T Clark Family Organization
Social media outreach of the organization
Facebook: Clark Family Genealogy
Facebook group is created for sharing pictures and knowledge of Clark Family genealogy and all connecting families.
Facebook: Moses Clawson Family Organization
Group is for the Organization to work together, ability to make queries
The purpose of the Cline Family Association is to preserve the memory of Revolutionary War soldier and pioneer Peter Cline and to collect and maintain genealogical information on his descendants.SAR, DAR, Research collaboration, Sources shared.
Website: The International Cody Family Association
For descendants of Philip and Martha of Beverly who immigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony. The organization was founded in 1925.
Facebook Page: The International Cody Family Association
social media page for getting information out about reunions, and helping others know they are active.
Website: Fulton - Locke Family History
The website is for the Fulton, Locke, Volkert & Stengel Families which includes Cody
Facebook: Cogan Esser Family Genealogy
The Facebook group is for Cogan, Esser and related family to further their family history
Website: Cogswell Family Association
Their purpose is to continue and save the memory, genealogy, and history of the Cogswell Family
Facebook Group: Cogswell Family Association
purpose is the share knowledge, collaborate, and disseminate information
Facebook: Descendants of Claude Thomas Pierre Métoyer & Marie Therese Coincoin
Closed Group for all who can trace their heritage back to Claude Metoyer and Marie Therese Coincoin from Natchitoches/Melrose/Cane River, Louisiana.
Website: Macy-Colby House
Descendants and ancestors of Anthony Colby (1605-1660)
Anthony Colby and his wife Susannah (1610-1689), with related branches."Anthony immigrated to America in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet. He was the first Colby in America, and the Colby from whom most present day Colbys living in America originate."
Facebook Group: Colby Clan Association
Place for the association to visit and share
Website: Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization
Family organization for Phineas Wolcott Cook and descendants
Facebook Page: Phineas Wolcott Cook Family Organization
Facebook page for the organization to quickly share information
Facebook Group: Cooper Family Genealogy
Facebook group for the Cooper Family to share family history
Corson / Colson
Website: Corson/Colson Family History Association (CCFHA)
To collaborate genealogical and historical research on the CORSON and COLSON surname and their allied families and pull descendants together for reunions, DNA project
Facebook Group: Corson Cousins
interactive group for discussion of family-history activities
Website: l’Association des Côté d’Amérique (French/English)
Researchers for Coté descendants in America
Website: Couch Genealogy
Family genealogy for the Couch family and DNA project
Website: Couts Family Assocition
Serves the Kautz, Koutz, Kousts, and Couts surnames
Website: The Brandywine Crucible,Inc.,a Cox family association
DNA project, research, newsletter, Database, Cemetery preservation, emphasis on Descendants of Solomon Cox & Naomi Hussey, Quaker heritageof the Brandiwine Creek of Southeastern Pennsylvania and more.
Website: Crandall Family Association
This association is for the family history of descendants of Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island
Website: Clan Crawford
International organization for those who are descendants of Crawford surname. DNA project, events, games, member of the Scottish Clans and association. Member access.
DNA project, research, data base, publishing, cemetery preservation.
Facebook: Crowe Family History Group Information
Facebook group for Crowe Family History
Cummings Website: The Descendants of Isaac Cummings 1601-1677 of Topsfield, Ipswich, Massachusetts
Facebook Page: ICFA - Isaac Cummings Family Association
Membership requirements as stated on the website (viewed August 2018) indicates the association is "open to any and all descendants of Isaac Cummings, 1601-1677, and others who are interested in Isaac Cummings and his descendants." See the association website for further details and the application.
Curtis/s Facebook Group: Curtis Genealogy
Facebook Page: Curtis Family Society
Website: Curtis/s Family Society
This group is for anyone interested in the genealogy for the Curtis-Curtiss surname, including 40 variant spellings.
Facebook: Cypret Family History Group
Facebook group for Cypret family