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Overview[edit | edit source]

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The Family History Library in Salt Lake City offers a monthly workshop to help Boy Scouts earn the Genealogy merit badge. The workshop is held on the third Saturday of every month from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

The workshop is taught by a team of instructors and certified Genealogy merit badge counselors. Scout leaders or parents who accompany the Scouts to the workshop are invited to assist them during the workshop to successfully complete the activities.

Prior registration is required to attend. The registration process is described at the end of this article. There are also some items that each scout should complete before attending if they hope to complete the merit badge on the day you attend.


The Family History Library is located at 35 North West Temple, just west of Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.


On Saturdays free parking is available to library visitors in the lot west of the Church Museum of History and Art (the museum is located just north of the Family History Library). Enter the lot from North Temple heading east from 200 West.

Click parking to view or download a map showing parking options behind or near the library and museum.

Merit badge requirements[edit | edit source]

The following online resources provide information on the Genealogy merit badge, the requirements, and links to additional resources:

With the help of their family and their Scout leaders, Scouts need to complete some of the merit badge requirements before coming to the workshop, as explained below. Scouts can use online resources such as to complete some of the requirements (local temple and family history consultants can assist). Scouts then complete the remaining requirements at the workshop.

At the end of the workshop they have the opportunity to meet with a merit badge counselor and pass off all of the requirements.

Requirements Scouts need to complete BEFORE they come to the workshop[edit | edit source]

  • Requirement 2a - Create a time line for yourself or for a relative. Then write a short biography based on that time line. Bring your time line and biography to the workshop.
  • Requirement 3 - With your parent's help, choose a relative or a family acquaintance you can interview in person, by telephone, or by email or letter. Record the information you collect so you do not forget it. Bring your interview information to the workshop.
  • Requirement 6 - Begin your family tree by listing yourself and include at least two additional generations. You may complete this requirement by using the chart provided in [the merit badge] pamphlet or the genealogy software of your choice. Bring your family tree information to the workshop.
  • Requirement 7 - Complete a family group record form, listing yourself and your brothers and sisters as the children. On another family group record form, show one of your parents and his or her brothers and sisters as the children. This requirement may be completed using the chart provided [in the merit badge pamphlet] or the genealogy software program of your choice. Bring your family group record information to the workshop.
  • Bring to the workshop the name of an ancestor or relative who was alive in 1940 in the United States, if possible. At the workshop Scouts will search for an ancestor or relative in the 1940 US Census. (Note: If a Scout does not have an ancestor or relative who would appear in the 1940 US Census, the counselors will help him find the name of a person in the census.)

Requirements Scouts will complete at the workshop[edit | edit source]

  • Requirement 1 - Explain to your counselor what the words genealogy, ancestor, and descendant mean.
  • Requirement 2a - See the list above. Scouts will show their timeline and biography to a merit badge counselor and review some of the important events they have included in them.
  • Requirement 4a - Name three types of genealogical resources and explain how these resources can help you chart your family tree.
  • Requirement 4b - Obtain at least one genealogical document that supports an event that is or can be recorded on your pedigree chart or family group record.
  • Requirement 4c - Tell how you would evaluate the genealogical information you found for requirement 4b.
  • Requirement 5e - Contact a genealogical record repository of any type (courthouse, genealogical library, state or national archive, state library, etc.). Ask what genealogical services, records, or activities this institution provides, and report the results.
  • Requirement 8a - Explain the effects of computers and the Internet are having on the world of genealogy.
  • Requirement 8b - Explain how photography (including microfilming) has influenced genealogy.
  • Requirement 9 - Discuss what you have learned about your family and your family members through your genealogical research.

Registration is required to attend
[edit | edit source]

Space is limited in the workshop. Prior registration is required to ensure space is available for your group. 

To access the registration page, click here