Family History Activities for Children: 3-11

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Children love to learn about the world they live in as well as the family they belong to. The following links, charts, and exercises will provide some helpful ways to help teach your children all about their current and extended family.

Your Place in History  [edit | edit source]


Create fun and interesting timelines:

  • Important dates in your life or your ancestor's life!
  • Discover interesting facts and events that happened during your own lifetime or in an ancestors' lifetime.
  • Visit and learn about the places where you and your ancestors lived.
  • Create a timeline either for you or an ancestor. This can be done either online or print one to fill in and put in your memory book.

Your Genealogy  [edit | edit source]


Gather together family information and record it on the following forms:

Memories and Completing Youth Projects[edit | edit source]


Family History provides the opportunity to learn about family members who are living and those who have passed away. Photos, letters, awards and newspaper articles are often items left behind that tell the story of your ancestor. Sharing and organizing this information can be a lot of fun!

Fun and Games[edit | edit source]


There are many different interesting and unique activities to help with learning about your ancestors.

Online Games and Websites[edit | edit source]



Additional Activities in this Wiki: