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In October 2011 FamilySearch deployed the following non-English language versions of the wiki using the same skin as used by this English language version.

non-English language versions of the wiki[edit | edit source]

Language URL Recent changes
Chinese Special:最近更改
French Special:Modifications_récentes
German Spezial:Letzte_Änderungen
Italian Speciale:UltimeModifiche
Japanese 特別:最近更新したページ
Korean 특수기능:최근바뀜
Portuguese Especial:Mudanças_recentes
Russian Служебная:RecentChanges
Spanish Especial:RecentChanges
Swedish Special:Senaste_ändringar

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

Plone and MediaWiki, FamilySearch Wiki's past and current software platforms, allow users to post content in many languages. They also provide a multilingual user interface, which means the site's menus and prompts are already translated. However, our current platform (Plone) and future platform (MediaWiki) deal with multilingual issues a little differently. An explanation of these differences may help users understand how we plan to proceed in the deployment of languages.

In Plone, several languages can work well on a single site. By contrast, in MediaWiki, Webmasters are instructed to build a separate site for each language.

While we were using Plone, we had a small author group which was mostly comprised of Church Headquarters staff and called family history consultants. Since we were not concerned about the propriety of content these folks would write, we didn't monitor foreign-language content. However, our migration to MediaWiki is all about scaling the site to millions of users and tens of thousands of authors. Therefore, each language site in our MediaWiki deployment will require oversight to assure that users post content which is appropriate for our audience.

Several levels of administrators are available in MediaWiki sites. We are in the process of deciding which roles we want to deploy. A small team is ramping up to administer the English site, but we will need to augment and diversify this team with volunteers as the site grows. When we migrate to Mediawiki, then, we will begin with an English site, and deploy other language sites one by one when we have enough administrators to moderate the site in each language. We will leave all non-English content in the Plone site until each language site is created in MediaWiki.

Further languages[edit | edit source]

If you want a non-English site deployed, then, we recommend that you begin networking with others who might like to help administer the site. Then contact us for instructions on how to proceed.

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