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See also Moderators

Policies of FamilySearch Wiki[edit | edit source]

Reasons to Contact an Administrator[edit | edit source]

  • Report a page that needs immediate deletion
  • Submit a page that might need protecting or unprotecting

How to Contact Administrators[edit | edit source]

  • Add a Flag related to the problem with content in the Wiki
  • Participate in the FamilySearch Wiki live user group meetings
  • For general feedback or technical issues please see the instruction on the: Contact us page.

Sysops are system Administrators[edit | edit source]

The Administrators help manage the development and content in the Wiki. Some tasks the Administrators keep busy with include:

Maintenance Flag Monitoring[edit | edit source]

Examples of all current: Maintenance Templates. Monitor each flag by clicking on the links below:

Weekly Maintenance Report[edit | edit source]