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FamilySearch Partner Libraries are libraries who have contributed books to be scanned and made available in Family History Books on

While most of these books are under Public Domain and available to everyone, there are a number of books that are copyright protected and can only be viewed by one user at a time at the Family History Library, a local FamilySearch Center, or through one of contributing Partner Libraries.

Current list of partner libraries:[edit | edit source]

  1. Allen County Public Library - Fort Wayne, Indiana
  2. Arizona State Library - Arizona
  3. Birmingham Public Library - Birmingham, Alabama
  4. Brigham Young University-Provo Harold B. Lee Library - Provo, Utah
  5. Brigham Young University-Idaho David O. McKay Library - Rexburg, Idaho
  6. Houston Public Library - Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research - Houston, Texas
  7. Dallas Public Library - Dallas, Texas
  8. Internet Archive
  9. Larsen-Sant Public Library - Preston, Idaho
  10. Mid-Continent Public Library - Midwest Genealogy Center - Independence, Missouri
  11. Historical Society of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. Onondaga County Public Library (Syracuse, New York) - Syracuse, New York
  13. St. Louis County Library - St. Louis, Missouri
  14. University of Florida George Smathers Library - Florida

Accessing these specific books contributed are not available anywhere else.


Trouble Accessing Book[edit | edit source]

While at a Family History Library, a local FamilySearch Center, or a partner library, you may receive the message, "You don't have sufficient rights to view the requested object." This means the book is under copyright protection and is currently checked out by another viewer. If this occurs, please try back in 60 minutes to see if the book is available for viewing. The book will be made available for viewing after the other reader has finished with the book. When viewers forget to close the book when they are done, the system automatically closes the book after 24 hours.