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England Record Finder

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England Wiki Topics
Flag of England
Beginning Research
Record Types
England Background
Local Research Resources

Record Finder Table for England[edit | edit source]

The following Record Finder table assists researchers in determining record types that may list the information they are looking for.

Order of Records[edit | edit source]

The typically most reliable sources are listed at the top of the list. However, depending on the time period of the record and location, multiple records in the list may need to be searched to achieve the objective. Alternative records are listed as well in case traditional records do not provide the desired information.

List of Topics[edit | edit source]

This Record Finder table links to the England topic Wiki pages, containing databases and other information about accessing the records.

Vital Events[edit | edit source]

Searching for: Best Records to Search: Alternative Records:
Birth date and place
Marriage place and date
Death date, place, and burial

Maiden Names and Family Members[edit | edit source]

Searching for: Best Records to Search: Alternative Records:
Maiden name
Parents, children, spouses, and other family members
Living relatives

Immigration and Country of Origin[edit | edit source]

Searching for: Best Records to Search: Alternative Records:
Immigration date
  • See the FamilySearch Wiki emigration and immigration article for the country to which the ancestor immigrated.
City or Country of foreign birth

Residences and Locations[edit | edit source]

Searching for: Best Records to Search: Alternative Records:

Personal Details and Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Searching for: Best Records to Search: Alternative Records:
Noble families
Social activities
  • Social Customs and Activities
  • Obituaries
Physical description

Links to Instructions and Records by County[edit | edit source]

Dark thin font green pin Version 4.png The topic articles listed above give general background, record contents details, and research methods. More specific help is available in topic articles for each county and parish:
County Topic Articles Links Parishes Links
Bedfordshire County Bedfordshire Parishes
Berkshire County Berkshire Parishes
Buckinghamshire County Buckinghamshire Parishes
Cambridgeshire County Cambridgeshire Parishes
Cheshire County Cheshire Parishes
Cornwall County Cornwall Parishes
Cumberland County Cumberland Parishes
Derbyshire County Derbyshire Parishes
Devon County Devon Parishes
Dorset County Dorset Parishes
Durham County Durham Parishes
Essex County Essex Parishes
Gloucestershire County Gloucestershire Parishes
Hampshire County Hampshire Parishes
Herefordshire County Herefordshire Parishes
Hertfordshire County Hertfordshire Parishes
Huntingdonshire County Huntingdonshire Parishes
Kent County Kent Parishes
Lancashire County Lancashire Parishes
Leicestershire County Leicestershire Parishes
County Topic Articles Links Parishes Links
Lincolnshire County Lincolnshire Parishes
London County London Parishes
Middlesex County Middlesex Parishes
Norfolk County Norfolk Parishes
Northamptonshire County Northamptonshire Parishes
Northumberland County Northumberland Parishes
Nottinghamshire County Nottinghamshire Parishes
Oxfordshire County Oxfordshire Parishes
Rutland County Rutland Parishes
Shropshire County Shropshire Parishes
Somerset County Somerset Parishes
Staffordshire County Staffordshire Parishes
Suffolk County Suffolk Parishes
Surrey County Surrey Parishes
Sussex County Sussex Parishes
Warwickshire County Warwickshire Parishes
Westmorland County Westmorland Parishes
Wiltshire County Wiltshire Parishes
Worcestershire County Worcestershire Parishes
Yorkshire County Yorkshire Parishes A-I