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The FamilySearch moderator for The Netherlands is Daniel Jones.

This page lists websites and online resources for genealogy in the Netherlands. Where possible English versions of websites have been given, but many come in Dutch or Frisian only. It is recommended to use Google Chrome and Google Translate for these websites. Some common Dutch terms encountered on websites are given at the bottom of this page.

WieWasWie[edit | edit source]

WieWasWie is the premier site for Netherlands genealogy and also for former Dutch colonies. Most of the site is free, but it costs 18.50 euros for advanced features. It contains indexes to civil registration from every part of the Netherlands. By now nearly all marriage records up to 1932 are online, as well as a sizable proportion of death records to 1962 and birth records to 1912. It also has some church records, population registers, military conscription records and newspaper notices. Many records also have the original image. 145 Million names are online as of October 2017.

  • WiewasWie                          Website
  • WiewasWie (English Version) Website

Open Archives[edit | edit source]

OpenArch is now posed as a rival to WieWasWie. It has 141 million records online, with most records on WieWasWie also on Open Archives.

Family Search[edit | edit source]

Family Search has built up a large collection of Netherlands records, most of which are online. Civil registration and church records can be viewed through Genealogie Werkbalk . The following collections exist that cannot be viewed through Genealogie Werkbalk

Geneaknowhow and Van Papier Naar Digitaal[edit | edit source]

  • Digital Resources includes a directory of genealogical resources, research tips, maps, and other reference material for research in Belgium and the Netherlands. Basic instructions in English are available. To get to the digital sources, click on the folder titled “Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium”. The left-hand navigation bar includes general information, passenger lists, and then names each province in both countries with the sections:”Internet” [lists links to various internet resources for towns in this province] and “disk/cd-r” [material available on diskettes or CD-Rom, either free or for purchase]. So-called “bulletin-board systems” are listed below. Abbreviations are explained under “Explanations” on the bottom of the left-hand bar.
  • Van Papier Naar Digitaal is a subsidiary of Geneaknowhow. It contains images and indexes of Church Records and other pre-1811 sources such as censuses, resident lists and tax records.

Directories[edit | edit source]

These websites try to list all every website that has information relevant to genealogical research in the Netherlands.

Online Trees and Forums[edit | edit source]

Only sites specific to The Netherlands and Belgium are included. Most are free and can be searched by anyone, but require registration to add people and trees.

Cemeteries and Death Notices[edit | edit source]

Blogs, Magazines and Societies[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous Websites[edit | edit source]

Other genealogical websites in the Netherlands include. Most of these are free sites.

To find more genealogical websites in the Netherlands, try this website: Genealogie in Nederlandse provinciën.

National, Provincial and Regional Websites[edit | edit source]

This table shows the main website for different regions.

Regionaal Archief Alkmaar
Stadsarchief Amsterdam
Stadsarchief Breda
Delft Archief
Den Haag
Haags Archief
Regionaal Archief Dordrecht
Archief Eemland
Regionaal Historisch Centrum Eindhoven
Erfgoed Enschede
Gelders Archief
Erfgoed Leiden en omstreken
Midden Holland
Streekarchief Midden Holland
Noord-Brabant West
West Brabants Archief
Noord-Hollands Archief
Gemeente Oldenzaal Genealogie

Historisch Centrum Overijssel

Rijnlands Midden
Streekarchief Rijnlands Midden
Rotterdam Stadsarchief
Erfgoed 's-Hertogenbosch
Regionaal Archief Tilburg
Het Utrechts Archief
Gemeentearchief Venlo
Gemeente Wassenaar
Waterlands Archief
West-Fries Archief
Zaanstad Gemeentearchief
Zeeuwen Gezocht
Civil Registry South Holland from 1811, National Archive
Erfgoed Centrum Zutphen

Dutch Research Vocabulary List[edit | edit source]

This list includes words and phrases used on commonly used Dutch genealogical websites. It is not a substitute for a dictionary, but should help the user successfully negotiate the World Wide Web in search of family history information.

Aanmelden- Log in as a registered visitor
Advocaten- Lawyers
Afkortingen- Abbreviations
Bestellen- To order
Bezoekers forum- Visitors= forum
Bidprentjes- Funeral cards
Boeken- Books
Bouwtekeningen- Blueprints
Bronnen- Source
Catalogus- Catalog
Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie- Central Office for Genealogy
Collecties- Collections
Digitale stamboom- Digital pedigree
Discussie- Discussion forum
Echtscheidingen- Divorces
Familie advertenties- Family newspaper clippings
Familie dossiers- Family files
Familie drukwerk- Family publication
Familie geschiedenis- Family history
Familie wapens- Family crests
Geboorten- Births
Handleidingen- Instructions
Huwelijken- Marriages
Inschrijven- Register as a new visitor
Kwartaalblad- Quarterly
Laatste nieuws- Latest news
Landverhuizers- Emigrants
Leenregisters- Land records Lijst genealogische onderzoekers- list of professional researchers
Lopend onderzoek- Continuing research [online addresses of researchers willing to exchange information]
Lopende- On-going
Naamsaanneming- Records dealing with taking on a fixed surname
Nieuwe uitgaven- New editions
Onderwijs - Instruction
Onderzoek- Research
Over- About
Overige adressen- Other addresses
Overlijden- Deaths
Overzicht site- Site overview
Persoonskaarten, persoonslijsten- cards and lists of individuals who died since 1938
Postadres- Mailing address
Reeks- en onderzoeksgidsen- Source- and research guides
Regiogemeenten- Regional communities
Stamboom onderzoek- Pedigree research
Tarieven- Price list for charges
Terug- Back
Trefwoord- Search term
Uitgaven- Publications
Uittreksels- Extracts
Veel voorkomende vragen- Frequently asked questions
Verstrekking- Delivery of information
Verwante wetenschapen- Related sciences
Volkstelling- Census
Voorouders- Ancestors
Vrienden- Friends (members of the CBG)
Wachtwoord- Password
Zoeken- Search
Zoek resultaat- Search results
Zoek vraag- Query