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The Dominion of New England from 1686 to 1689 was a province created by combining the British colonies in North America which included present-day Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and starting 7 May 1688 New Jersey, and New York. The Dominion seat was in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Genealogy. This reorganization was an attempt to better control the uncooperative trade and religious practices in several unruly colonies. The size of the Dominion was awkward. The Dominion's governors had attempted to enforce unpopular policies. Upon arrival of news from England of the Glorious Revolution, in 1689 mobs arrested Governor Edmund Andros and other Dominion authorities.[1] The militia under Leisler started their rebellion in New York and New Jersey.[2] The Dominion government crumbled, and old pre-dominion leaders were quick to revert to their previous, separate colonial governments.

Records. For records of the Dominion of New England try Boston repositories. If land or probate records in the locality where an ancestor lived 1686-1689 do not seem to include an ancestor, check to see if the papers may have been recorded in Boston.

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