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Colonial Era and Revolutionary War (1607-1789)[edit | edit source]

The colonies grew from Jamestown with the English at Chesapeake Bay to Quebec with the French. African slaves were brought into Jamestown. The Dutch settled in New York and other areas. European colonization of North America (the "new world") was an intrusion of terrain controlled and established for centuries by Native Americans. With the interactions of this melting pot of diverse people began the complex process of European colonization in the western hemisphere.

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  • 1764-1766: England places taxes on sugar that comes from their North American colonies. England also requires colonists to buy stamps to help pay for royal troops. Colonists protest, and the Stamp Act is repealed in 1766.
  • 1770: March 5; The Boston Massacre: English troops fire on a rock-throwing crowd protesting English taxes.
  • 1771: May 16; Battle of Alamance in North Carolina
  • 1772: June 9; The 1st naval Battle of the American Revolution off the coast of Rhode Island. The Gaspée Affair.
  • 1772: The Watauga Association in what would become Tennessee, declares itself independent.
  • 1773: May 10; The Parliament passes the Tea Act
  • 1773: Association of the Sons of Liberty in New York published by local Sons of Liberty (December 15
  • 1773: December 16; Boston Tea Party: English tea is thrown into the harbor by residents disguised as Indians to protest a tax on tea.
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