Colleton (1785-1791) County, South Carolina Genealogy

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Not to be confused with the Colleton County that existed 1682-1768.
  • Not to be confused with the Colleton County that has existed from 1800 to the present.

Colleton (1785-1791) County was created in 1785 in the overarching Charleston District from the shore to the southwest of Charleston City roughly where the present-day southwest part of Charleston County is found.[1] See the 1785 South Carolina map.

This new 1785 Colleton County's boundaries only partially overlapped the previous Colleton County which existed 1682-1768.

Colleton (1785-1791) County was never surveyed or properly laid out. Its boundaries were ambiguous. Its county government never became functional. Most records were kept at the parish level; none were kept at the county level. There was no county seat. There were no political connotations to the county's existence. In this case the term "county" had no meaning other than to describe an approximate geographical area. It was a county in name only.[1]

Colleton (1785-1791) County was abolished in 1791.[2]

For documents of people who lived in this area at this time, look in parish records, or for papers filed in Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina Genealogy.

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