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This is the oldest and largest organization for documentation, study, and presentation of Chinese American history, including immigration, early communities, and labor history (for example railroads).[1] [2]

CHSA has a significant collection of art and artifacts, and some collections are displayed online. Click here to see Chinatown in the 1906 earthquake.

The Chinese Railroad Workers were recently inducted into the Labor Hall of Fame, and a descendant of these workers was present at the ceremony. The Central Pacific Railroad used 12,000 Chinese workers to carve a road through the Sierra Nevada. There is also an online exhibit about these workers.

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Chinese Historical Society of America Museum
(Chinese: 美国华人历史学会; pinyin: Měiguó Huárén Lìshǐ Xuéhuì; abbreviated CHSA)
965 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
Telephone: 415-391-1188
Fax: 415-391-1150

Chinese Historical Society of America

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