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The Canadian River rises in mountains in New Mexico and flows into the Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma - Haskell county. Through its 906 mile length, the Canadian flows through Oklahoma from west to east.[1] This is often a slow-moving waterway bounded by red mud flats and quicksand. When sufficient rain has fallen, the river can carry substantial amounts of water.[2] Native Americans and early explorers used the Canadian as a highway to reach the interior. Traders and hunters operated around the waterway.

Since 1907 the Canadian River has either passed through or formed a boundary between nineteen Oklahoma counties, including Ellis, Roger Mills, Dewey, Custer, Blaine, Canadian, Grady, Cleveland, McClain, Pottawatomie, Pontotoc, Seminole, Hughes, McIntosh, Pittsburg, Muskogee, Haskell, Sequoyah, and LeFlore.[3]

A portion of the North Canadian in Oklahoma City is now a recreation area renamed the Oklahoma River.[4]

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