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Purpose of Research Tips and Strategies Wiki Page

The Brazil Research Tips and Strategies page consists of links to specific research strategies for Brazil. It also contains general tips and other resources for finding your ancestors in this locality.

Brazil Research Strategies[edit | edit source]

Getting Started
"How to" Guides
Portuguese Genealogical Word List
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Brazil Research Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Birth, Marriage, and Death Information: There was no government-mandated record of birth, marriage, or death until 1850, where the Catholic Church was required to keep the birth and death records for the government. The Catholic Church continued to do so until 1870, where n the records were moved to the Justice of the peace.
    Prior to that date, all such events were recorded by the Catholic Church. Learn more about Brazil Catholic Church Records.
  • Finding Parents: Catholic church records frequently recorded the parents and grandparents of the person being baptized or married. This tradition was carried into civil registration records.

Brazil Record Finder[edit | edit source]

This Record Finder is designed to help you determine the best record to search for the type of information you are looking for. For a more complete list, visit Portugal Record Finder.

What you are looking for: Try these records first: Other useful records:
Age Church Records, Civil Registration Census, Emigration and Immigration
Birth date and birthplace Church Records, Civil Registration Emigration and Immigration
Death information Church Records, Civil Registration Newspapers, Cemeteries
Marriage information Church Records, Civil Registration Census,
Emigration information Emigration and Immigration Census, Biography, Naturalization and Citizenship
Parents, children, and other family members Church Records, Civil Registration, Directories Newspapers, Biography, Court Records
Language helps Word List, Handwriting Brazil Languages

Further Brazil Research[edit | edit source]

For more research in Brazil, including research at the district level, visit the Brazil page on the Wiki.