Augusta and Cherokee Trail

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Route[edit | edit source]

Trail from August, Georgia to Toccoa, Georgia.[1]

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

The north end of the Fort Charlotte and Cherokee Old Path was in Oconee County, South Carolina Genealogy at the convergence of several Indian trails and settler roads mostly leading to the lower Cherokee Indian village of Tugaloo across the Savannah River in Stephens County, Georgia Genealogy. Tugaloo was built at or became the nexus of several trails along the Savannah River in Georgia and South Carolina. The Cherokee Indians were forced to abandon Tugaloo during the American Revolution. The Old Cherokee Path seems to have begun in Tugaloo, crossed the river into South Carolina, and worked its way north up to Watauga County, North Carolina Genealogy, through Johnson County, Tennessee Genealogy, and Washington County, Virginia Genealogy. There it connected to the Great Indian Warpath or Great Valley Road as it was called in that area. [2]

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