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Adopt-a-Wiki Page—General Information
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[edit | edit source]

What is page adoption?[edit | edit source]

Societies, archives, or other family history organizations who wish to adopt a page will have their society logo and links to their society web page prominently featured on the page they adopt. Adoption is also available for individuals who have knowledge of a specific location and wish to maintain the page. The Research Wiki will vet adoption candidates based off of their research background and their knowledge of the area of the requested page.

  • You can see an example of what an adopted page might look like here.

Adoption Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • An adopter can be a society, archive, family history organization or individual.
  • To be an adopter, you must be a Wiki contributor for a period of 3 months, with at least 12 significant edits. Please wait to request to be an adopter until after this is completed.
  • Adopters can initially adopt one Wiki page.
  • After a one month probation period, the adopter may adopt up to three pages per month; an individual can adopt no more than five pages total.
  • Each potential adopter will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Adopter Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

While anyone can contribute to any page in the Wiki, adopters provide oversight to ensure that the content on that page is comprehensive and accurate.
Adopters will do the following:

  • Add information and links to other resources that might be missing from Wiki page.
  • Correct any information that may be wrong: broken links, grammar mistakes, and spelling.
  • Review adopted Wiki page monthly.
  • The Adoption program should not be used to promote commercial companies/organizations.

Why adopt a Wiki page[edit | edit source]

The FamilySearch Wiki helps millions of people doing their genealogical research each year. By adopting a page, you can:

  • Share your knowledge with others who are doing research in your area.
  • Help others by providing them with the most accurate information and methodology for your area.
  • Create awareness (and ideally new members) for your society, your resources, and specializations.
  • Drive additional traffic to your society’s website. (The FamilySearch Wiki has over 1 million page views every month!)

How to adopt a Wiki page[edit | edit source]

  • We are currently suspending the adoption of Wiki pages until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Help-content.png Questions?
Visit the Get Help to receive help with contributing to the Wiki.

Other frequently asked questions . . .
[edit | edit source]

Q. Wait, is this not a wiki? Can’t anyone add content to a page in the wiki?
A. Yes! Anyone can add content to a page in the Wiki. Adopting a page does not mean it is owned by the adopter. In fact, an adopter should encourage contributions from others. Adopters help to ensure that the content added is accurate, complete, and contains working links. Adopters are also expected to add relevant content.
Q. Can anyone adopt a page?
A. Anyone can add content to a page and watch that page for updates. A Wiki user in good standing can apply to adopt a page provided they have a proven background in research of that area.
Q. Can my organization adopt more than one page?
A. Yes! Organizations/individuals can initially adopt one page, provided that the page hasn't already been adopted. After a one month probation period, the adopter may adopt up to three pages per month; an individual can adopt no more than five pages total. Each potential adopter will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
Q. I’ve adopted a page. Do I have to “police” and check the page every time a change is made?
A. No. We encourage you to check the page on a regular basis to ensure that the latest information is as up-to-date and as accurate as possible to benefit others who may be doing research in your area. It’s not necessary to review every change made to the page by others. Community members at large can also correct inaccuracies as they are recognized.
Q. Help! I have more questions that were not answered here.
A. You can contact [
Send Message] for additional help.

Now that you have adopted . . .
[edit | edit source]

Getting Started The first steps to getting established.

Quick Start Links List of links to Help pages you will need to get started editing your pages.

Developing a U.S. County Page Resource suggestions for the topics on county pages.

The fine print . . .
[edit | edit source]

The Adopt-a-Wiki Page program has been created by FamilySearch for the benefit of societies, organizations and patrons of the FamilySearch Research Wiki. Adopt-a-page was created so that societies can partner with FamilySearch to more rapidly improve the content within a specific Wiki topic. The Adopt-a-Wiki Page program operates in accordance with the existing FamilySearch Wiki policies and guidelines unless specifically stated otherwise in this disclaimer. FamilySearch reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program and/or its terms at any time without notice. Page adopters/sponsors may be removed or changed at any time at FamilySearch's sole discretion without cause or notice. Page adoption/sponsorship does not constitute a contract, either written or implied, between FamilySearch and any other organization or individual. All contributions made by page adopters/sponsors are done on a strictly volunteer basis.

© 2010 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

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