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The FamilySearch Catalog uses the following types of abbreviations in catalog entries:

Locations[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Location
FHL Family History Library (35 N. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah)
JSMB Joseph Smith Memorial Building (Salt Lake City, Utah)
VAULT Granite Mountain Records Vault (Utah). Vault films and fiche can be ordered at the Family History Library.

Collections[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Collection
ARC Automated Resource Center (no longer used, see CD-ROM below)
BRITISH British (Family History Library, B2)
ES Extra Surveillance
FAM HIST Family History (Family History Library, Main Floor)
FHD Family History Department
INTL International (Family History Library, B1)
RESTRICT Restricted (Family History Library, Access Services Window)
SPECIAL Special Collections (Family History Library, books: B1 access services window; films: B2 Special Collections room)
TEMPLE Temple Services
US/CAN United States and Canada (Family History Library, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor)

Shelves[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Shelf
Access Window Access Services Window
Atlas Stand Atlas Stand
Audio Audio
Book Book
CD-ROM CD-ROM (compact disc)
Census Area Census Area
Civil Reg Civil Registration Fiche
Compact Disc Compact Disc
Directories Directories Storage
Fiche FHL Microfiche cabinets. Can also be ordered at the Family History Library.
Film FHL Microfilm cabinets. Can also be ordered at the Family History Library.
Floppy Disc Floppy Disc (no longer used)
Folio Storage Folio Storage (extremely oversized bookshelf)
Large Q Book Large Q Book (oversized bookshelf)
Large Q Ref Large Q Reference (oversized reference bookshelf)
Lg Q Ref 2nd Large Q Reference, 2nd Floor
Lg Q Ref Main Large Q Reference, Main Floor
Lib Att Win Library Attendants' Window (now Access Services)
Map Case Map Case
Map File Map File
Pedigree File Pedigree Chart File (FHL 3rd Floor)
Q Storage Q Book Storage (oversized). Can be ordered at B1 Floor, Access Services Window.
Reference Reference
Ref 2nd Reference, 2nd Floor
Ref Main Reference, Main Floor
Reg Table Register Table
Book Storage Regular Book Storage. Can be ordered at B1 Floor, Access Services Window.
Telephone Bks Telephone Books.
Video Video
Vertical File Vertical File cabinet
X Large Folio X Large Folio (super oversize bookshelf)
XL F Ref X Large Folio Reference (super oversize reference bookshelf)
XL F Ref 2nd X Large Folio Reference, 2nd Floor
XL F Ref Main X Large Folio Reference, Main Floor

Descriptive[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
b. born
c[year] copyright [year] (with a ? the year is estimated)
col. color
cm. centimeters
ed. edition (or editor)
facsims. facsimilies
geneal. genealogical
ill. illustrations
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
mm. millimeters
no. number
N.p. no publication place cited, and/or no publisher cited
p. page
ports. portraits
rev revised
RG record group at an archive
S.l. no publication place cited
s.n. no publisher cited
Stmnt.Resp. Statement of Responsibility
v. volumes