1st Pennsylvania Regiment (Revolutionary War)

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Brief History[edit | edit source]

Also known as the Pennsylvania Rifle Battalion and Thompson's Rifle Battalion.

Colonels[edit | edit source]

Colonel William Thompson, Colonel Edward Hand, Colonel James Chambers

Companies[edit | edit source]

Company A - Captain James Chambers, Captain James Grier, Captain Thomas Buchanan - raised in Cumberland County (present-day Franklin County) (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company B - Captain Robert Cluggage, Major James Moore - raised in Bedford County (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company C - Captain Michael Doudle (or Doudel), Captain Henry Miller, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Robinson - raised in York County (including present-day Adams County) (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company D (3rd Company) - Captain William Hendricks, Captain James Wilson - raised in Cumberland County. Residences of many of this company's soldiers at the time of enlistment are unknown. (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company E (2nd Company) - Captain John Lowdon, Captain James Parr, Captain Michael Simpson - raised primarily in Northumberland County (also recruited in present-day Union County) (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company F (1st Company) - Captain Abraham Miller, Captain Charles Craig, Captain Samuel Craig - recruited in Northampton County (including many Germans)
Company G (4th Company) - Captain George Nagel, Captain Morgan Conner, Captain David Harris, Captain William Wilson - raised at Reading, Berks County (including many Germans)
Company H (5th Company) - Captain James Ross, Captain James Hamilton, Captain David Ziegler - raised in Lancaster County (mainly Scots-Irish men)
Company I (6th Company) - Captain Matthew Smith, 1st Lieutenant John Holliday, Captain John McClellan - raised in Lancaster County (present-day Dauphin County) (mainly Scots-Irish men)
  • Trussell, John B.B. and Charles C. Dallas. The Pennsylvania Line; Regimental Organization and Operations, 1776-1783. Harrisburg, Pa.: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1977. Digital version at Family History Archive.
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Other Officers[edit | edit source]

From the "Pay Rolls" of Jan 1776:

  • Capt Robert Clugages, Lt John Holiday, Lt Robert McKenzie (died 12 Mar 1776), Lt Benjamin Bard
  • Capt Morgan Conners, 1st Lt David Harris (Promoted to Capt), 2nd Lt Benjamin Chambers, 3rd Lt Peter Weiser
  • Capt Charles Craig, Lt Thomas Craig, Lt Samuel Craig, Lt David Harris
  • Capt James Grier
  • Capt John Lowden, 1st Lt James Parr, 2nd Lt James Wilson, 3rd Lt William Wilson (promoted, replaced by John Dougherty 3 Jan 1776)
  • Capt James Ross, Lt Hamilton, Lt Hubley, Lt Francis
  • Capt Henry Miller, 1st Lt John Dill, 2nd Lt John Watson, 3rd Lt Thomas Armor

Lists of promotions show:

  • Capt Henry Miller --- Capt Dowdels (resigned 15 Oct last)
  • Lt John Dill --- 1st Lt Henry Miller (promoted)
  • Lt John Watson --- 2nd Lt John Dill
  • Serjeant Thomas Armor --- 3rd Lt John Watson
  • Lt Charles Craig --- Capt Abraham Miller (resigned)
  • David Harris --- 3rd Lt William Thromer (resigned 14 Nov)
  • Benjamin Chamber --- 3rd Lt in Capt George Nagler Co --- Peter Grubb (resigned 10 Sep & went to Canada)
  • Benjamin Bard 3rd Lt in Capt Cluggages Co --- Lt Richard Brown (resigned 26 Oct)
  • Capt William McKissack --- Capt James Parr (promoted to Major, 7th Regt PA in Oct 1778)

Transcription of "Return of the Officers of the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot with their Name, Rank, and Date of Commission from the 1 Jan 1777 until the 31 Aug 1778."

Rank Commission Promoted Resigned PoW Dead
Edward Hand Colonel Mar 7, 1776 1777
James Chambers Colonel Sep 20, 1776
Richard Butler Lt Col Feb 22, 1777 1777
Thomas Robinson Lt Col Jun 7, 1777
James Ross Major Sep 25, 1776 1777
Henry Miller Major Sep 20, 1776 Mar 1, 1777
James Moore Major Sep 20, 1777
James Grier Captain Mar 7, 1777 Oct 23, 1777
David Harris Captain Mar 7, 1777 Oct 1, 1777
James Parr Captain Aug 10, 1776
James Hamilton Captain Aug 10, 1776 Aug 5, 1777
John Holiday Captain Sep 25, 1776 Mar 1, 1778
Samuel Craig Captain Jan 16, 1777
John Watson Captain Jan 16, 1777 Jan 14, 1778
Michael Simpson Captain Jan 16, 1777
James Wilson Captain Feb 12, 1777
William Wilson Captain Oct 1, 1777
Thomas Buchanan Captain Oct 23, 1777
Thomas Armor 1st Lt Sep 25, 1776
Petter Wiser 1st Lt Sep 25, 1776 on Parol
John Dick 1st Lt Sep 25, 1776 Aug 3, 1777
John Dougherty 1st Lt Sep 25, 1776
David Ziegler 1st Lt Sep 25, 1776
Abraham Shinner 1st Lt May 13, 1777
James Holiday 1st Lt May 13, 1777 Sep 11, 1777
Benjamin Lyon 1st Lt Aug 3, 1777
John McClelan 1st Lt Sep 11, 1777
Samuel Smith 2nd Lt May 13, 1777 Mar 20, 1778
George Stevenson 2nd Lt May 13, 1777 Sep 14, 1777
Aaron Noroross 2nd Lt May 13, 1777
Thomas Boyd 2nd Lt May 13, 1777
John Hughes 2nd Lt May 13, 1777
James Magill 2nd Lt May 13, 1777 Jan 1, 1778
James McFarlane 2nd Lt May 13, 1777
William McDowell 2nd Lt Feb 14, 1778
Edward Crawford 2nd Lt Jan 1, 1778
David Hay 3rd Lt May 13, 1777 Dec 1, 1777
David Harmon 3rd Lt May 13, 1777
Robert Clifton 3rd Lt May 13, 1777
William Byard 3rd Lt Aug 17, 1777 Dead
John Doyle Captain Jul 16, 1776
Samuel Brady 1st Lt Jul 16, 1776
William McMurray 2nd Lt Jul 16, 1776
Thomas Doyle 3rd Lt Jan 1, 1777

"Captain John Doyle's Independent Company joined this regiment the 25 Nov [1777] and has continued to do duty in the Regt. to this date."

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