1950 United States Census

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It’s Coming! The 1950 United States Federal Census

In April 2022, the United States Census Bureau will release the 1950 census to the public for the first time, concluding the 72-year waiting period for this invaluable record.

The 1950 census documents the lives of more than 150 million people, giving a snapshot of each household at the time the census was taken. Anyone wanting to understand what life was like in the United States in 1950 will soon be able to glimpse into the past through this registry.

What Will You Find in the 1950 Census?

FamilySearch, working with its partners, will provide a rich and immersive experience to help you find your own family members in these records. If you were alive in 1950, you will even be able to find yourself and refresh your memory of this time in history.

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More about This Census

Image courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau.
Image courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau.