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We understand that you have many responsibilities that go beyond protecting and providing access to historical records.

FamilySearch is ready to help you increase the value of your records and institution by digitizing and preserving your records, protecting them against possible loss and damage.
What FamilySearch Provides to Record Custodians
• No-cost preservation services that will remain free—part of FamilySearch’s efforts to preserve the world’s records.

• On-location camera operations to digitize your records.

• High-quality, digital copies of your records upon request.

• Protection against threat of loss or damage to records.

• Migration of digitized records to new media formats over time to ensure accessibility.
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Who Is FamilySearch?
FamilySearch and its predecessors have more than 125 years of experience preserving and increasing global access to the world’s records.

FamilySearch is:

• A noncommercial and nongovernment entity that has worked with over 10,000 archives, churches, and other record custodians in more than 150 countries.

• A worldwide leader in digital preservation and historical document access.

• Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


FamilySearch services are provided at no cost to further our main purpose: “Create inspiring experiences that bring joy to all people as they discover, gather, and connect with their family—past, present, and future.”
FamilySearch Global Services
In addition to assisting record custodians, we help people discover more about themselves, their families, and their ancestors through these free services:

• Access to billions of historical records online (over 1 million added daily).

• The ability to preserve and share personal and family memories—photos, stories, and historical family documents.

• A collaborative online family tree to build, preserve, and share common ancestries.

• Personal research help through more than 5,000 family history centers and our main Family History Library.


“The Danish National Archives and FamilySearch have cooperated for nearly 80 years. By 1970, more than 40,000 rolls [of microfilm] had been created. Eventually, the number reached nearly 60,000. They all still lie safely in the granite mountain vaults in the state of Utah.”

Ole Magnus Mølbak Andersen,

Deputy Director, National Archive of Denmark
See how Cardinal Porras describes his experience working with FamilySearch to preserve Catholic Church records in Venezuela.
“We congratulate FamilySearch for this wonderful contribution and recommend to other ecclesiastical archives that they seriously consider accepting the generous offer of this responsible and thoughtful entity.”

Ricardo Grisi Velloso,

Catholic Archdiocese of Paraiba, Brazil
United States
“We celebrate the work of FamilySearch. Their work has made it possible for millions of people to know more about their family history. Without them we would not have been able to broaden the meaningful experience now available at Ellis Island.”

—Stephen A. Briganti,

President and CEO,

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, United States

“We are extremely happy with the work FamilySearch has already done and is still doing in this regard in this archdiocese. It is a very valuable service to the Church and indeed to the country in general and humanity at large.... We are grateful to God for the fruitful relationship with FamilySearch!”

T. G. Mpundu,

Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia
“FamilySearch’s work in the Philippines has resulted in the digitization of many, many records, including countless church registers, opening up the great potential for finding our past connections in order to confront our future.”

Regaldo Trota Jose,

Archivist, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
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