Review and Improve the Index of the 1950 United States Census

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Get your organization engaged with the 1950 US Census!

Do you want an easy way to engage your entire organization in fun and meaningful service? Would you like your organization to receive recognition on FamilySearch for being associated with a good cause?

Get involved with the publication of the 1950 US Census! Invite your organization's friends and members to review and improve the index of the 1950 United States census, starting with their own families. Let's work together to ensure this is the most complete and accurate census index ever created. Join the cause!

Not part of an organization? You can also sign up as an individual to receive updates on the 1950 US Census Community Project.

1950 US Census Community Project—How to Participate

Join other societies and organizations like yours as we all work together to provide a rich and detailed index of every person living in the United States in 1950. Learn more about the effort here.

Create Your Group:

  1. First, register your organization below.
    Register to showcase your involvement and receive the project communications for organizations. Feel free to share messages with the official 1950 US Census Community Project branding on your blog, webpage, emails, news releases, or social posts. Initial registration does not create a working group for your organization.

  2. Next, create your group on FamilySearch:
    1. Go to and click Create Group.

    2. Complete the information required.

    3. Once created, you can invite others to join your group. Click to view the group, click Invite Member, then copy the URL to send an invitation to your group members.

    4. Approve each member as they join.

    5. All contributions by group members will be included in your group statistics on the 1950 US Census Project page.
  3. Help your group prepare.
    1. Set a goal—how much can you review together?
    2. Share this how-to video from RootsTech, or go through the review process in a meeting together.

  4. Join the 1950 Project group on Facebook.

To Participate:

  1. Watch for updates.
    Visit the Project Details page for regular updates around when states are launched.

  2. Share the project.
    Visit the 1950 US Census Community Project landing page and share it with others using the "social sharing" links on the page. This will create a nice post formatted for your favorite social platform.

  3. Make it Social.
    There are lots of things you can do to help make it this more social. Here are a few ideas:
    1. Share who you want to find in the census with each other, and on social media. What’s their story? Make it personal.
    2. Share fun facts about the families you review. Did you find Elvis? Let your group members know!
    3. Show progress towards your goal—on a regular basis, share how much is left to do in your focus area. This is a great motivator! Celebrate the big milestones.

  4. Follow and Share Group Statistics
    See how much your group is doing together on the 1950 Project Page (coming soon).

  5. Celebrate!
    When you hit a big milestone or complete your goal, find ways to celebrate. Thanking your group members for their participation helps them feel valued and keeps them coming back.

Become part of this historic, once-in-a-decade opportunity by joining the 1950 US Census Community Project today.

Yes, we want to help review and improve the index of the 1950 US Census.

All approved participating organizations who register will be included in a list of contributors.
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Engage Your Friends and Your Entire Organization

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