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1950 US Census Project FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions about the 1950 US Census Community Project.
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The 1950 US Federal Census will be released on 1 April, 2022, and the Census Community Project will enlist an army of volunteers to help publish a free searchable index of all 151 million individuals included in this valuable record. Volunteers will review and improve an automated index created by Ancestry using handwriting recognition technology to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

Top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I go to start helping?
How can I know when a state I want to help with is launched?
Is it true that we’re not using the FamilySearch indexing program to review the index?
Can I review a specific county or state?
Can I review an entire page?
What is the difference between what NARA is doing and what FamilySearch and Ancestry are doing?
Will the work I do be added to my indexing statistics?

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Latest Updates

11 May 2022: Nevada Index Published on FamilySearch!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of thousands of volunteers, the index of the 1950 US Census for Nevada is now published and available on FamilySearch!

Search the index for people in Nevada.

9 May 2022: Find Families to Review at the City and County Level

You can now find and review families at the city or county level! Select the state and then click on the option below the selected state to find families within a county or city. This also works with a specified surname, so finding specific families to review is easier than ever.

Review the 1950 US Census by location and surname.

29 April 2022: Nevada Family Review Complete – Thank you!

The first state review for Nevada has been completed, including the name, header, and family review!

Look forward to Nevada being published soon, being the seventh state available for searching!

16 April 2022: The First Week of Family Review – Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has been with us this week for the launch of Family Review. It’s had its ups and downs, and we appreciate your patience as we work through some early issues.

In Family Review, you can now see who has already been reviewed in the image. The green check shows who has already been reviewed, and the purple icon shows that is the family you should focus on.

Header Review, a simple way to review the top of each page, also launched. For the most part, you should type what you see and delete information that doesn’t belong. The computer standardized some of the place names, so those may not match exactly what you see on the image. Please keep place names that have been standardized as long as they are correct.

There are a few issues that we are working through—some have been resolved, and some are ongoing. We continue to work on the problem of not getting images for the state you select. If you look through the birthplaces on the image you receive, you will see the state somewhere in the list. Of course, we know you chose that state because you wanted it to be at the TOP of the page, not elsewhere, so we’re working on that. Other issues we continue to work through include updating the progress map (we really are making progress on Family Review, even though the map doesn’t show it yet!), showing individual and group contributions, and working through known issues with data and fields (particularly with the supplemental questions). These are all in development and will be available for everyone soon. We appreciate your patience as you join us on this journey!

13 April 2022: California, Texas, and other large states are now available for name review.

The Review Names experience is now available for California, Texas, Illinois, Louisiana, and Virginia. The name review for Florida is nearly complete, and Review Families will soon be available for the state. Review Families is currently available for Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and New Mexico.

5 April 2022: Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico are available for Name Review

Names from Nevada have been reviewed and Utah is nearing completion. Name Review is now available for Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico, with additional states coming online soon. Much larger states, including New York and California, will be added in the coming days. Visit the project.

4 April 2022: More states are becoming available for Name Review.

Utah is now available for Name Review in the 1950 US Census Community Project, and more states will be available soon. Idaho and others should follow shortly. Much larger states, including New York and California, will be added in the coming days. Visit the project.

2 April 2022: Name Review is now live for Nevada and Oregon.

The project is live! The states of Nevada and Oregon are now available for Name Review at https://www.familysearch.org/getinvolved/1950.

Periodic errors may result in states not being available for selection during this initial launch phase. You can refresh the page or try back later.

Please jump in and share your experience with others.

2 April 2022: The 1950 US Census Community Project is nearing launch.

FamilySearch and Ancestry continue to prepare to launch the first states for Name Review—Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Florida, and Arizona. FamilySearch will provide additional details as more information becomes available. We appreciate your ongoing patience and enthusiasm for the launch of this groundbreaking project.

2 April 2022: You can now explore images for the 1950 census on FamilySearch.

The census images from NARA continue to be loaded into FamilySearch.org for browsing. Images for all 48 states from 1950 are now available for browsing and exploration on FamilySearch, and additional territories are also available. Learn more about browsing the images of the 1950 US Census.

30 March 2022: The ability to create groups for participation and tracking is now available.

Create a group on FamilySearch.org to review the census together, and invite your group members to join. Here are the steps:
  • Go to familysearch.org/groups/family and click Create Group.
  • Complete the required information.
  • Once a group has been created, you can invite others to join your group. Click to view the group, click Invite Member, and then copy the URL to send an invitation to your group members.
  • Approve members as they join.

19 March 2022: Invitation to use the new Get Involved app to prepare for the 1950 US Census

Those who want to prepare to review indexed names as part of the 1950 US Census Community Project are invited to download and use the new Get Involved app (available for Apple iOS or Android) and participate in the US Wills and Deeds project. Names that have been automatically indexed as part of the 1950 census will be available for review through the Get Involved app. This activity is also available for those using a computer as the new Review Names activity on the Get Involved page.