United States of America

Introduction to United States Baptist church records, inlcuding historical background, record types, and key collections.
Objectives • Follow the standard process for African American genealogical research • Use five strategies for successfully locating your ancestors in historical records • Organize and evaluate your research results • Find unique African American sources
This segment introduces you to online resources of images of muster rolls.
This segment reviews a name list of soldiers from Anhalt-Zerbst, and a compiled collection of name lists from muster rolls and prisoner of war lists.
This segment reviews available name lists of soldiers from Ansbach-Bayreuth.
This segment introduces you to some available resources for soldiers from Brunswick.
This segment reviews two sources to help you quickly identify which principality a soldier came from.
This segment introduces you to the HETRINA database.
This segment introduces you to websites of two associations dedicated to researching Hessian Soldiers.
This segment briefly reviews who the Hessian Soldiers were, where they came from, and why some of them stayed in America.
This class will teach about who the Hessian Soldiers were and available resources to assist you in your research. A brief historical background of Hessian Soldiers will be presented. Websites of associations dedicated to researching Hessian Soldiers will be introduced. The HETRINA database and other area-specific resources will be reviewed.
A short class about who are the Anabaptists and where can one find their records.
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