An introduction to the GenTeam website and how to register to use the ree website. This class focuses on how to use the Gazetteer of the Austrian, Czech, Slovak, and Slovenian Republic. This gazetteer can help identify parishes and archives where records are held.
This 8-minute video shows the ins and outs of using the online gazetteer Ortsnamen to find your specific village in Switzerland.
This section of the presentation discusses the importance of jurisdictions and how knowing the history of an area can help you to locate the records of your ancestor.
This segment will contain a case study using the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
This segment will discuss how to use the FamilySearch Research Wiki.
This segment will discuss how to use the Krabsens Stednavnebase.
This class discusses how we can identify farms, towns, parishes, and counties using two gazetteers Krabsens Stednavnebase and FamilySearch Research Wiki. You can use a gazetteer to find the places where your family lived and determine the civil and church jurisdictions over those places. Krabsens Stednavnebase is an online Danish gazetteer and is searchable using names of farms/towns or parishes. Place names found on FamilySearch Research wiki are a combination of place names found in J. P. trap’s gazetteer and Krabsen’s stednavnebase. In addition to finding your place names on the FamilySearch Research Wiki, you will also find helpful information regarding your places.
Learn to convert Hungarian place names for towns to their modern Slovakian name, locate towns that hold parish registers, locate county and region designations for a town, and find local civil registration offices, so that you can locate church records for your Slovakia genealogy projects.
Learn how to navigate this useful tool to find your Austrian and Czech localities and connect to the correct archive for the online records you need.
This class will cover the main gazetteers and maps for the Low Countries, some of which are online.*The website at minute 26 is slightly different; however, the functionality and results stay the same. Also, the website found at 44:30 is not currently functional.*
This class will help to find sources for Polish research and includes gazetteers to find information about places of registration.
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