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This is the first lesson in this series on Helping Others Get Started with Family History. This course is designed for consultants, helpers and anyone who wants to learn more about doing family history research. The research process is the key to successful and accurate family history work. In this lesson, we will introduce the research process.
Learn proven Techniques and Strategies for overcoming the pitfalls and challenges of census research to find those elusive ancestors.
This class will teach you various ways to search the historical records collections of FamilySearch in order to improve your search results. You will learn how to search by name and relationships. You will also learn how to apply filters, browse images and use the catalog to find other records for your ancestors. You will be shown many helpful tips and tricks along the way.

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FamilySearch Library - Research Essentials Table of Contents
FamilySearch Library - Family Tree Essentials
Homeland Research (Coming Soon)
FamilySearch Library Technology Skills

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Ukraine was home to a large Jewish population prior to WWII. Learn about various websites and resources that can help you trace your Jewish Roots in Ukraine.
Much of what is now in modern day eastern Ukraine was formerly a part of the Russian Empire. Learn about Russian Empire specific record types as well as how to locate them online.
Have you found an index of a record using JewishGen or JRI-Poland? The original image, which often contains more information than what was indexed, may be available online. This class will teach you how to locate the original document using FamilySearch.org.
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