Why is no camera icon showing for a digitized microfilm in the catalog?

Contractual, data privacy, or other restrictions put in place by the record custodians can prevent access to digital content. The Film/Digital Notes section of the catalog shows no camera icon for restricted content.

  • Digitized microfilms show the film number and the Image Group Number (DGS). The format column shows film reel icon. You can view the microfilm at the Family History Library or a family history center that has a physical copy.
  • Some records were never on microfilm. The records were captured digitally. You see only an Image Group Number (DGS) and no icon in the Format column. We have only a digital copy of the record and are not permitted to share it. The records are not currently available for you to view.

We apologize for the inconvenience these restrictions cause our patrons. FamilySearch makes every effort to provide access to digital records. The access depends on decisions of record custodians and applicable laws.

Why did some historical records disappear from FamilySearch?

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