Why is FamilySearch a contributor in Family Tree?

You sometimes see FamilySearch as a contributor in the Latest Changes column in Family Tree.

Information transferred from a previous system

Much of the information in Family Tree transferred from a previous system named new.familysearch.org.

For information that the system transferred, Family Tree lists either a specific contributor or FamilySearch. The date is the date of the information transfer to Family Tree, not the original contribution date. If a user changes the information in Family Tree after the information transfer, the contributor information shows the actual contributor and change date. 

Policy or software update

Software updates and policy changes sometimes require us to reenter information in your ancestor’s record. Or new sources can cause a change.

Standardized dates and places

Starting on 30 May 2019, a system-wide update began to standardize many dates and places in Family Tree. This update affects about 15 percent of the dates and places in Family Tree that showed without a standardized value.

  • This standardization affects dates and places in the Vitals section and the couple relationship section.
  • The  system standardized dates or places only if the standardized value very closely matched the value it replaced.
  • Users who are watching the person did not receive a notification of this change.
  • You can identify these changes because the contributor is listed as “FamilySearch,” and the date is on or near 30 May 2019.

This update helps users because it removes the data problem “Missing Standardized Date,” and “Missing Standardized Location,” saving the user time. It also assists the site in providing more accurate record hints and creating more reliable data. Standardized dates help you find ancestors more easily when you search the entire site.

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