Where do I find the family history activities?

FamilySearch activities are simple and fun. Activities are a great way to help youth and children understand more about their heritage and family. Most require no research time or skills.

Some activities draw from the ancestor information for you in Family Tree. If so, you must sign in to FamilySearch before you begin. The results of these activities can change each time that you try them, as users add new information to Family Tree.

    Steps (website)

    1. Sign in to FamilySearch.org.
    2. At the top of the FamilySearch home page, click Activities
    3. Click the activity that you want to do. From time to time, these activities change. Some possible options include:
      • Where Am I From?
      • Surname Origins
      • All About Me
      • Compare-a-Face
      • Record My Story
      • Picture My Heritage
      • In-Home Activities
    4. To see more options, click All Activities.
    5. You must be signed in to FamilySearch to participate in most family history activities. If you are not signed in, you are asked to do so.

    Steps (mobile app)

    Note: If you lack a FamilySearch Account, you can search for an ancestor without having to sign in first. Simply tap Search for an Ancestor, enter the person's information, and see what is there. If you have an account, you can also access other family history activities using the mobile app:

    1. In the Family Tree mobile app, open the options:
      • Android: In the top-left corner, tap the 3 lines.
      • Apple iOS: In the bottom-right corner, tap More.
    2. Tap Family History Activities.
    3. Tap the activity that you want to do.

    Family Tree Lite

    Many of the in-home activities do not require that your family members have access to a computer or mobile device. A person can download ideas and plans. Then your family or ward can do the activities without any technology. Family Tree Lite does not provide access to these activities.

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