What is the Pedigree Resource File?

The Pedigree Resource File (PRF) is a collection of user-submitted genealogies that users uploaded to FamilySearch as GEDCOM files. You can both search this information and contribute to it. You cannnot edit PRF files. You can delete a file you submitted.

Searching the Pedigree Resource File

All users of FamilySearch.org can search and view information in the Pedigree Resource File. 

Like Family Tree, the Pedigree Resource File contains family history information. The people are linked into families and lineages. You can find names, family relationships, and information about life events. The file includes all records, notes, and sources from the original submissions. Information about living people is not available.

Be aware that FamilySearch does not correct any data in the Pedigree Resource File. Accuracy varies from tree to tree, and users should verify the information before using it. 

Uploading a GEDCOM file to the Pedigree Resource File

If you maintain your family history in a separate database, you can submit a copy of your data to the Pedigree Resource File. This has several benefits for you:

  • Your file is preserved for free.
  • The information in your file is available for other FamilySearch users to search and see.
  • You retain control over your file. While other users can see the information, they cannot change it. You can also delete your file at any time or replace an older file with a newer one as needed. You can upload more than one.
  • You can compare the information in your file to Family Tree. You can then copy information from your GEDCOM file into Family Tree.

Earlier versions of the Pedigree Resource File

The Pedigree Resource File has been available in many versions. Initially, it was published on compact disc. It has since been published on various versions of the FamilySearch.org website.

If you submitted to previous versions, be aware of the following:

  • The files you submitted to an earlier version may not be correctly attributed to your current FamilySearch account. While you may be able to find and view the file, it won't be available on your list to delete, replace, or compare to Family Tree.
  • The submission IDs from previous versions may not match current submission IDs.

For more information about PRFs, see Pedigree Resource File in the Research Wiki.

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