What is included on the Person page in Family Tree?

A person's profile page on FamilySearch Family Tree features several types of information. Below is a description of each section on the page.

Please note that when you choose one of the sections for an ancestor and then move to the record of a different ancestor, the new record comes up showing the same section. For example, if you click the Sources tab for ancestor A and then move to ancestor B, you see the sources for ancestor B.


Click Details to see, add, or edit the following information:

  • A life sketch.
  • The person's vital information (name, sex, birth, christening, death, and burial).
  • Other information about the person, such as interesting details about the person's life—residences and occupations, for example, or time served in the military.
  • Family members.

From the Details section, you can also obtain research helps, search records, view the latest changes, delete the person, report abuse, find and merge duplicate records, and print charts and reports. These features can be hidden or shown using the triangle icon to the left of the section head.

Time line

Click Time Line to see the person's life events on a time line. You have options to view the events on a map and to add historical events to the person's time line. 


Click Sources to see all of the sources that have been added over time to support details about the person's life. Some of the sources are linked to items currently available in FamilySearch historical records. Others are documents that users have uploaded themselves or sources they have found.


To work with other people, click Collaborate. In this section, you will find places for the following types of information:

  • Discussions, where you can start or join a conversation about the person.
  • Notes, where you can add information or questions about your ancestor that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

How do I view the person page in Family Tree?

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