What is a retired record?

After you click the FamilySearch source link in Family Tree, you see the message, "This record was a duplicate and have been retired. Please use the official copy." We cannot restore retired records.

While it was available, a user added it as a source in Family Tree. Since then, the record has been removed for one of these reasons:

  • The record was updated to match current contract permissions.
  • Duplicates exist, and this specific copy was removed when the collection republished.
  • The record was republished. As engineers clean up some old record collections, the new records can show changes. The old collection often combined more than one original document to create the indexed information In the clean-up, each original document becomes a record entry. Therefore, the new copy can be different. The new record can show more or less data that the retired record.

When you find the new record has less information than the retired record, we suggest you search our record collections. Other record sets could give you a source that includes the extra information.

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