What happens to memories when Family Tree records are merged?

When you merge two records into one, the memory items attached to those records are merged as well. That means:

  • The ID number of the deleted record is no longer attached to the tag. 
  • Photos, stories, documents, and audio files automatically copy to the surviving record in a merge. Check each tagged item you added in Memories to ensure that it is attached to the surviving ID number.
  • If you find that the Memories tab for a person is empty or that the thumbnail portrait or other items are missing in Family Tree, reattach the tag to the current ID for the person in Family Tree.
  • You do not need to reattach all the items previously attached to a person. Reattach the tag to the ID number of an individual for one item in Memories, and all items associated with that tag reattach.
  • After a merge, both the new and old ID numbers show in the album for the person in Memories. The old number shows to the right of the link name. The new number shows on the person card when you click the name. Click Unlink at the bottom of the card, and link them to the new ID.
  • If other people contribute items for your ancestor, they do not link to your contributions. So it is possible for an ancestor to have duplicate albums in the People section of Memories—one linked and one not linked to Family Tree. 
  • The merge process does not change the public/private status of a memory. The private memory will be merged over to the surviving person. You will be able to see in the change log that a private memory is attached as part of the merge.

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