What do I do with duplicate record hints in Family Tree?

Please attach all record hints, even if they appear to be duplicates for the same individual. Do not mark them as "Not a Match."

If you look at each hint carefully, you usually discover differences.

Why duplicate record hints exist

Apparent duplicates can occur for many reasons:

  • The record was indexed more than once.
  • The event appears in more than one collection. For example, the same marriage record can appear in a county marriage collection and a state marriage collection.
  • The record was filmed more than once.
  • The collection itself contains duplicate records.

What to do about duplicate record hints

Look at the URL of each record hint. Each one should have a different and unique URL.

  • If the apparent duplicate has a unique URL but is not about the person, mark it as Not a Match.
  • If the apparent duplicate has a unique URL and is about the person, click Review and Attach as usual. Be aware that when you dismiss apparent duplicates, it can prevent the hinting system from finding record hints for the person in the future.
  • If the apparent duplicate has the same URL as another record hint, please contact FamilySearch Support.
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