What are the keyboard shortcuts for indexing?

You can use keyboard shortcuts instead of your mouse while indexing.




Batch Shortcuts

Begin Quality CheckAlt + QOption + Q
Submit BatchAlt + SOption + S
Return Batch Alt + ROption + R

Help Shortcuts

Open or Close the Field HelpCtrl + Shift + HCmd + Shift + H
Open or Close Project InstructionsCtrl + Shift + PCmd + Shift + P
Share BatchCtrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + S

Tools Shortcuts

Open or Close Image GalleryCtrl + GCmd + G
Open or Close International LettersCtrl + ICmd + I
Open or Close Lookup ListCtrl + LCmd + L
Open or Close Organize Fields

Ctrl + O or

Ctrl + Shift + O (Internet Explorer)

Cmd + O
Increase the form font sizeCtrlCmd +
Decrease the form font sizeCtrl -Cmd -

Fields and Records Shortcuts

Mark Field BlankCtrl + BCmd + B
Mark Record BlankCtrl + Shift + BCmd + Shift + B
Mark Field UnreadableCtrl + UCmd + U
Mark Record UnreadableCtrl + Shift + UCmd + Shift + U
Ditto Field from AboveCtrl + DCmd + D
Ditto Record from AboveCtrl + Shift + DCmd + Shift + D
Add Record (after Current Record)Ctrl + InsertCmd + Shift + Plus (+)
Add Record (after Last Record)Ctrl + Shift + InsertCmd + Option + Plus (+)
Delete RecordCtrl + DeleteCmd + Shift + Minus (-)
Clear (Empty) RecordCtrl + Shift + DeleteCmd + Shift + E
Accept Field Value (Quality Check)Ctrl + Shift + ACmd + Shift + A

Review Shortcuts

Revert to OriginalAlt + AOption + A
Accept the auto-suggest and move the cursor to the next fieldEnterEnter
Accept what you typed, ignore the auto-suggest, and move the cursor to the next fieldTabTab
Accept the auto-suggest, keep the cursor in the field so you can continue to use the auto-suggest for multiple words
Move to Previous FieldShift +Tab or Shift + EnterShift + Tab or Shift + Enter
Move to the Next Record or the Next Field in the Table Entry modeCtrl + ►Cmd + ►
Move to the Previous Record or the Previous Field in the Table Entry modeCtrl + ◄Cmd + ◄
Move up from a Field in the current Record to the same Field in the prior RecordCtrl + ▲Cmd + ▲
Move down from one Field in the current Record to the same Field in the next RecordCtrl + ▼Cmd + ▼
Move to the Next ImageCtrl + Shift + ►Cmd + Shift + ►
Move to the Previous ImageCtrl + Shift + ◄Cmd + Shift + ◄
Move to the Beginning of the Next RecordCtrl + EnterCmd + Enter

In Universal Input Mode (12/04/2017):

Enter and Tab are the biggest differences:

  • Enter accepts the highlighted auto-suggest value, if one exists, and advances to the next field.
  • Tab keeps only what you typed and ignores the auto-suggested values and advances to the next field.
  • Right Arrow accepts the auto-suggested value and keeps you on the same field so you can keep typing. Auto-suggest continues to make suggestions as you type.


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