What are the features of the image viewer in memories?

In Memories, the term "document image" refers to a scanned document you save as a computer file.

The image viewer in Memories can display photos or document images that have the file formats listed below:

  • Photos: .png, .jpg (or .jpeg), .tif (or .tiff), or .bmp
  • Document images: .png, .jpg (or .jpeg), tif (or .tiff), or .bmp

A different viewer displays .pdf documents.

Keep in mind that all patrons can view, tag, and comment on an image in Memories. The contributor of the image can also edit information about the photo or document. Only the contributor can add a title to a photo or a document image.

In Family Tree, in Memories, click any photo or document image to open it in the image viewer.

The table below explains the functions of the image viewer.

 ContributorAll viewersFunction or Information
Photo or Document image XClick to create a tag. 
TitleX Click to add or edit the title. Only the contributor can add or edit the title. If the memory has a title, all patrons can see it on any page where it is visible.

The contributor can click to rotate the image, download, add to an album, change a photo to a document or a document to a photo, move the item to My Archive, or delete the item.

If you did not contribute the item, you can only download or add to an album.  

Like XClick to add the item to the My Likes folder.
Share XClick to share using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or email. Or click Copy to copy the URL to share. 
 Zoom In XXClick to open make the photo or document larger.
 Zoom outXXClick to open make the photo or document smaller.
 Re-centerXXClick to display the photo as it was by default.
 Full screenXXClick to display the photo in a full browser screen.
Report Abuse XClick to report violations of rules or guidelines.
Contributed by XIdentifies the person who uploaded the image. Click the name to view the contact card (contact information) of the contributor, if included and made public. 
*Click the icons to change the view in the list box on the right, under the description.
People X

Show the list of people tagged in the photo or document image.

  • If a red exclamation mark  appears by the name, and if the words "Not Attached to the Tree" appear below the name, please follow the instructions in Linking a memory to an ancestor in Family Tree.
  • If the tagged name is attached to Family Tree, click the down arrow to the right of the name to see the options below:

    • Click the name link to view in Family Tree.
    • Click Memories to see all items tagged to the person.
    • The tag creator can click Edit tag to edit the tag.
    • The tag creator and the contributor of the image can click Remove tag to remove the tag. See How do I edit or delete tags on memories?
Albums XShow a list of all albums that contain the photo. You can add a photo or document to an album you created.
Stories X

Show a list of stories attached to an image.

Click Add Story to add a new story to an image.

Details X

Display the information below:

  • Size in pixels.
  • File name.
  • Contributor's name. Click the name to see a contact card.
  • Click View Original (to print or save).
  • Click Rotate Left and Rotate Right (images without tags). The rotate option is not available for PDF documents (even without tags).
  • Mark or unmark as a document.
EventXView onlyAdd or edit the date. Add or edit the place.
Description boxXView onlyAdd or edit a description.
Comment BoxXX

Anyone can add comments.

Contributors of comments can remove them. 

Previous XView the previous image.
Next XView the next image.
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