What are the FamilySearch Library hours?

The FamilySearch Library at Temple Square is the largest library of its kind. The library attracts visitors from all over the world searching for information about their ancestors. Founded in 1894, the library offers records and genealogical information for more than 3 billion deceased ancestors from around the globe. Experienced research specialists and trained volunteers provide a unique, personalized experience to help you discover your ancestors and grow your family tree.

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Contact informationPhone: 1-801-240-6996
Fax: 1-801-240-1794
Email: Email the library at fhl@FamilySearch.org.
35 North West Temple Street, Room 344
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-1103
Website: FamilySearch.org/locations/saltlakecity-library
Location35 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-1103
Hours of operationVisit the FamilySearch Library
Group reservationsGroup options are provided by library staff free of charge. With advance notice, our facility can accommodate large groups. For information, see Group Reservations.
ClassesExperts at the FamilySearch Library offer classes about many topics in family history. For more information, see our Live Classes and Webinars.

Where can I find the FamilySearch Library webinars?
How do I donate to the FamilySearch Library?

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