What are indexing groups?

FamilySearch indexing groups are online communities for indexers who share a common interest. Interests might include in a language, project, place, or other indexing-related issue to help each other and work together.

Do I have to join groups?

You do not have to join a group to index. However, joining a group may provide access to additional help and support.

Can I belong to multiple groups?

You can join as many groups as you like.

What can I do as a group member?

If you join a group, you can to do the following:

  • See a list of the group administrators.
  • See announcements from group administrators.
  • See and send messages to other group members.
  • Open a batch from projects that your group is doing.
  • View how many records the has indexed or reviewed.

What if a group I need does not exist?

If a group that you need does not exist, you can create one.

What about Facebook indexing groups?

Facebook groups can be helpful for members of the groups to stay connected and updated on new resources. No policies exist that encourage or restrict Facebook groups.

What are group administrators?

The group administrator oversees a group. Typically, the person who creates a group is its administrator. A group administrator of a current group or subgroup can give the role of group administrator to other group members.

Latter-day Saint ward and stake groups

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who index are automatically added to the groups for the ward and stake where their Church membership records is assigned.

Your indexing group can be related to parent groups and sub groups. If your indexing group is part of a larger group, the larger group is referred to as a parent group. If your indexing group has been organized into one or more smaller groups, the smaller groups are referred to as sub groups. In some cases, you can request permission to join these related groups.

How do I join an indexing group?
How do I create an indexing group?
In indexing groups, what are administration rights and how do I get them?

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